Printful Integration

Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to Printful. When Printful fulfills your orders, the shipment info will automatically be pulled back into Order Desk and sent back to the original shopping cart, if your store is set up to do so.


Product Settings
Shipping Class Match
Sending Orders to Printful


To connect to your Printful account, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Print on Demand tab, look for and enable the Printful integration.

Once enabled, click Connect To Printful.

You will be redirected to Printful to confirm you'd like to give Order Desk access. In order to authorize your connection, you must be logged into your Printful account as an Admin/Owner.


Once connected, you can set your preferences for this integration in the Basic Settings.

Default Shipping Class

Select the default shipping class you want Printful to use. The shipping method you select will be used for all orders where the method on the order does not match any of Printful's shipping method names.

If you need to apply specific methods for certain orders, match your method names to Printful's names in the Shipping Class Match section below.

After Import, Move To

Choose the folder where orders should be moved to after they are successfully sent to Printful.

You can choose the default Prepared folder for this, or create your own folders in your Store Settings. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

After Shipment, Move To

Choose the folder where orders should be moved to as Printful sends tracking details back.

If Canceled, Move To

Choose the folder where orders should be moved to if they are canceled at Printful.

Automatically Confirm Submissions

Select this to automatically submit the newly created order for fulfillment in Printful. This will skip the draft phase.

If not selected, you will need to go into Printful to manually confirm your orders after submitting them from Order Desk.

Send Customer Email Address to Printful

If you would like the customer's email address to be sent with the order details, select this option.

Product Settings

For more information on what the product settings within the Printful integration do, please read the Print on Demand Product Settings guide.

Shipping Class Match

If the shipping methods you set up in your shopping cart(s) don't match the shipping method names Printful uses, they won't know what methods you intend for them to use. When this happens, the default mail classes applied above will be used instead for all of your orders.

To tell Printful what methods you want them to use, you will need to match your method names to theirs. This can be done in the shipping class match section. For detailed instructions on setting this up, please read through the shipping class match guide.

Sending Orders to Printful

Getting your orders ready to send to Printful will take some set up time. For a detailed walkthrough of how to use Order Desk with your Print on Demand orders, please read through our Print on Demand Fulfillment guide.

Preparing your Orders

The following fields can be set as checkout data or order metadata on each order.

Field Name Field Description
TaxNumber Required if the order destination is Brazil, optional for all other countries. Adds a tax number to the order.
GiftMessageTitle Only used if you have set a gift message field on the settings page and the customer created a gift message.
PackingSlipEmail Override the default email field for the packing slip.
PackingSlipPhone Override the default phone field for the packing slip.
PackingSlipMessage Override the default message field for the packing slip.

If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, see the How to Work with Checkout Data guide.

Preparing Your Items

The following fields can be set as variations or item metadata for each order item.

Field Name Field Description
print_url Required. Link to your artwork file. For multi-print items, use print_url_1, print_url_2, etc., up to 6.
Printful's Variant ID. See below for instructions.
sync_variant_id If you have an existing product stored in Printful, it can be identified using the data in this field.
external_variant_id If you have an existing product stored in Printful, it can be identified using the data in this field.
warehouse_product_variant_id If you have an existing product stored in Printful, it can be identified using the data in this field.
print_location Location of the artwork on the item. For multi-print items, use print_location_1, print_location_2, etc., up to 5. If not set, "default" will be used.
print_preview The location of the printable file preview. For multi-print items, use print_preview_1, print_preview_2, etc., up to 5.
stitch_color Embroidery stitch color.
product_id Printful's ID for the product. This can be used instead of the print_sku as long as the color and size variants are applied, if applicable.
color Color variant of the item.
size Size variant of the item.
auto_thread_color Use this field name with a value of 1 to automatically match the available thread colors to the image provided in the print_url field.
inside_pocket Use this field name with a value of 1 to confirm item has an inside pocket. Required for all over print yoga leggings.

The print_sku is the Variant ID, which can be found in Printful's product list. To find this, click the View Available Products link at the top of the integration settings:

Find the product you want to order and click the name of it. 

The Variant ID is listed for each unique variant of that product:

Choose the variant you want, for instance if you want to order the black beanie, use 4522, and set that value as the print_sku on your item:

Alternatively, you can use the Product ID instead, but will need to include the color and size variations, if applicable, so Order Desk can look up the appropriate Variant ID for the product to send to Printful. The Product ID is from the top level product before clicking into the variants:

Using the same example, we know there are multiple colors available for the product ID 81, so to order the black beanie, set the product_id as 81, the color variation as Black, and the print_sku isn't necessary:

This will tell Printful which variant of the product you are ordering. If there are color and/or size variations for the product but these aren't set on the item in Order Desk when using the product_id field, the order will error when trying to send to Printful.

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