How to Set Up Shipping Class Matches


Default Shipping Classes
Shipping Class Match


Because shipping method names on orders rarely match the shipping method names a fulfillment service uses, you can create shipping class matches to tell your fulfillment service what shipping method and carrier they should use for each of your orders.

If your integration has this, you will find it near the bottom of the integration settings page:

All of your shipping method names must be matched—if they aren't already the exact shipping method name the fulfillment service uses. If no match is made, the default shipping class will be used instead.

Default Shipping Classes

Most fulfillment integrations have a default shipping class or default mail class setting:

This setting lets you tell the fulfillment service what method you want them to ship your orders by default. This means that if you don't have any shipping class matches set up and the shipping method on your order isn't a method name the fulfillment service uses, they will use this default mail setting for that order.

To avoid your fulfillment service using the default method for every order, set up shipping class matches for each of your method names.

Shipping Class Match

Check the name of the shipping method on your orders by looking at the order details page:

This is called the Shopping Cart Name—that is, the method name that is coming in on the order from the shopping cart.

In your integration settings, scroll down to the Shipping Class Match section.

To set up your matches, click on --Select Carrier Class-- next to [service name] Classes. The dropdown will show all available shipping methods that the fulfillment service uses. Choose the method you want the fulfillment service to use for the method you have set up in your shopping cart

Next, add the shipping method name from the shopping cart to the Shopping Cart Name field. In the above example, that would be Gelato Priority. Click Add to create the match.

In this example, any time an order comes in with Gelato Priority as the shipping method, Gelato will know to ship it Priority.

Add as many matches as necessary. The column to the right of the Shipping Class Match area will show the matches that have already been made.


If a direct match to the shipping method in your cart can’t be found in your Shipping Class Match options, we will check for a partial match. If a partial match exists, that is what will be used. If no direct or partial match is found, the shipping will default to the Default Mail Class in your integration settings.

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