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Order Desk can submit your print on demand orders to Circle Graphics. Order Desk can also pull the tracking numbers for your shipments from Circle Graphics.


To enable the integration, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Print on Demand tab, find and enable the Circle Graphics integration.

Once enabled, enter the Company ID and Access Token provided to you by Circle Graphics and click to connect.

To find your Circle Graphics credentials, please contact your rep from Circle Graphics. Order Desk support is not able to help with finding or resetting your Circle Graphics credentials, as they are created and provided by Circle Graphics.

Integration Settings

After Import, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into after they are successfully sent to Circle Graphics.

You can use one of the default folders already in your store or create your own. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into as Circle Graphics sends shipments back to Order Desk.

Default Mail Class

Choose the mail class you want Circle Graphics to use for your orders.

If you need to apply specific methods for certain orders, match your method names to the names Circle Graphics uses in the Shipping Class Match section below.

Shipping Account Settings

You can set your default shipping account number string for exported orders.

Circle Graphics requires a special format for custom shipping account numbers passed in with the order. This format is BTP_ACCOUNTNUMBER_ZIPCODE. Because most other providers just require a simple shipping account number, this can be complicated when trying to set one value that can be used here and with other providers. Order Desk has a few options in place to make this work a little smoother.

You can set a checkout data value of CircleGraphicsShippingAccount and we'll use that over the regular ShippingAccount checkout data. In this way you can set both values, one for Circle Graphics and one for other companies.

On the settings page, we also have the ability for you to preload the shipping account strings for different accounts that you'll be using. For example, you can set BTP_1Z94XR_55555, BTP_F8T3K5_55555 in the Shipping Accounts field and then if you pass F8T3K5 as the shipping account, we'll convert it to the full string of BTP_F8T3K5_55555 before passing through to Circle Graphics.

Default Return Address

Set your default return address for Circle Graphics to use on your order shipments.

If you need to customize the return address for certain orders, you can save different return addresses to your Store Settings and use a rule to set the return address on specific orders. If a return address is not added to the order, the default address set here in the Circle Graphics settings will be used.

For information on adding additional return addresses and applying them to specific orders with a rule, read the  Store Settings guide.

The phone number set here will be used for any orders where a phone number has not been provided by the customer. If shipping with FedEx, a phone number is required.

Product Settings

For more information on what the product settings within the Circle Graphics integration do, please read the Print on Demand Product Settings guide.

Shipping Class Match

If the shipping methods you set up in your shopping cart(s) don't match the shipping method names Circle Graphics uses, they won't know what methods you intend for them to use. When this happens, the default mail class applied above will be used instead for all of your orders.

To tell Circle Graphics what methods you want them to use, you will need to match your method names to theirs. This can be done in the shipping class match section. For detailed instructions on setting this up, please read through the shipping class match guide.

Checking For Shipped Orders

Circle Graphics is checked once a day for shipments on all orders from the previous three days.

If the SLA is past three days, you can check for the shipment manually by clicking the Check Circle Graphics For Shipment button directly on the order page.

If this is a recurring problem, please contact Order Desk support.

Sending Orders to Circle Graphics

Getting your orders ready to send to [Integration] will take some set up time. For a detailed walkthrough of how to use Order Desk with your Print on Demand orders, please read through our Print on Demand Fulfillment guide.

Custom Order Data

If you'd like to send custom data about the order to Circle Graphics, you can set the following checkout data fields:

Field Name Field Description
PackingSlip A PDF URL to be printed and included with the shipment. Details here.
or CircleGraphicsShippingAccount
To pass a custom shipping account on a per-order basis, enter the custom shipping account details in this format: BTP_ACCOUNTNUMBER_ZIPCODE
PackageLabel Custom 4x6 package label to be added to the box. This will not replace the shipping label. URL should be a JPG file.
PONumber The alternative order ID to pass to Circle Graphics instead of the Source ID
ClientJobRef Alternative reference number for the labels

If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, please read the How to Work with Checkout Data guide.

Custom Item Data

Circle Graphics offers many different customization options which are fully supported by Order Desk. These fields can be set in the item variation or metadata.

Field Name Field Description
print_sku Required. Internal Circle Graphics product SKU. These will always be integers.
print_url Required. The link to your artwork file to be printed.
print_design_id The Customer SKU that you want to submit instead of print_url. If used, print_sku and print_url are not necessary.
CustomCut true or false. Default is false.
AdditionalHardware Default is 0.
AssemblyRequired< true or false. Default is false.
GrommetCount The number of grommets.
BungeePkgCount The number of bungee package count.
MetalHangerPkgCount The number of metal hanger packages.
LiveHorizontalIn Numeric
LiveVerticalIn Numeric
BleedTopIn Numeric
BleedRightIn Numeric
BleedBottomIn Numeric
BleedLeftIn Numeric
GrommetTop Numeric
GrommetRight Numeric
GrommetBottom Numeric
GrommetLeft Numeric
PocketTop Numeric
PocketRight Numeric
PocketBottom Numeric
PocketLeft Numeric
HemTop Numeric
HemRight Numeric
HemBottom Numeric
HemLeft Numeric

Troubleshooting Timeout Errors

Occasionally when an order is sent to Circle Graphics, it will time out after 30 seconds.

When this happens, there is a good chance that the order eventually went through, but there is no way to know from within Order Desk. When this happens, we will contact you to let you know that you need to confirm with Circle Graphics that they received the order.

When this happens, there is no way to automatically pull the tracking number back in for the order. It will need to be entered manually on the order when it ships.

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