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Order Desk can send orders directly to SanMar then pull shipment details back into your orders here and send them to your shopping carts, if applicable.

This guide covers the setup, settings and special features with the SanMar integration.

Integration Setup

To enable the integration, click on the Manage Integrations link in the Integrations menu in the left sidebar.

Under the Fulfillment tab, find and enable SanMar. Alternatively, search for SanMar in the available search bar.

On the integration page, choose your Environment, add your Customer Number as well as your SanMar Username and Password to make the connection.



This shows which environment your connection is using.

If your Production and Sandbox credentials are different from each other, you will have to disconnect the integration when finished with the testing phase. You can do this by clicking the Disconnect button at the bottom of the SanMar integration page. Re-enable the integration with the new production credentials.

Mail Class

Choose the default mail class for orders. This shipping class will be used for any orders sent to SanMar that aren't mapped to one of the mail classes they use.

SanMar allows for a unique default Mail Class called Pack Separately, Ship Together. This allows for customers to make multiple orders throughout the day in separate orders that will still get shipped together.

To set up more than one shipping method, scroll down to the Shipping Class Match section for instructions.

Target Warehouse

Choose the warehouse you'll be fulfilling your orders from.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder orders should be moved to after they are sent to SanMar from Order Desk. Typically this is set to Prepared, but any custom folder can be used.

Batch Daily Orders

Order Desk’s integration with SanMar allows for a group order batching feature. By setting up this feature, you can choose one folder of orders to be sent in full to SanMar once a day.

To set up Group Batching, use the following steps:

1. Create a new folder specifically for the orders you want to be sent daily to SanMar.
2. Enable the Batch Daily Orders in your Integration Settings and choose the folder you just made as the Target Batch Folder.
3. Set up a rule to move orders to the Prepared folder after they have been processed to avoid duplicate submissions.
4. By default orders will be sent at approximately 3pm CT daily. Once the feature is enabled, you can go to your View Appointments page and change the run time if you want to. 
5. Make sure your Mail Class is NOT set to Pack Separately, Ship Together. This will interfere with the batch grouping. 

Note: Line items where the colors / styles / sizes are the same will be combined to one line.  

Automatically Send Imported Orders to SanMar

If you plan to automatically submit every order to SanMar for fulfillment, you can enable this setting. All orders will be sent as they come in to Order Desk.

If you have any other fulfillment services or will have any orders you don't want to send to SanMar, keep this disabled. Use rules to submit orders to the appropriate vendor or fulfillment service instead.

Shipping Address

Set the default address that your orders will be shipped from.

Product Code Match

Product Code Match

If the SKUs in your shopping cart don't match the SKUs SanMar has for your products, you can match them to each other here. More information on how to set this up can be found in the product code match guide.

To create bundles, refer to the product code match bundles section of the guide.

Product Code Skip

To prevent certain SKUs from being sent to SanMar, add them to the product code skip field. Any items included here will not be sent through with your orders. Add one SKU per line.

Inventory Location Match

If you only want to send certain items to SanMar, you can set the inventory location name from the item in this field. Orders with items that don't have an exact match will not be submitted.

To avoid confusion about which items in which orders are being sent for fulfillment, it is generally better to split orders than to use this field. If you do choose to use this field, please be careful that your inventory location names match exactly.

Shipping Class Match

Use the shipping class match feature to match as many different shipping methods as you offer to the specific shipping classes that SanMar uses to ensure your customers are getting the closest shipping option to what they selected at checkout.

For information on how to set up your shipping preferences, please see the shipping class match guide.

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