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Order Desk uses a folder system that lets you name the custom status for each step in the fulfillment process that your orders need to take. This video explains how to create, edit and use folders.

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How many folders can a store have?

You can create as many folders as you need in a single store.

Can folders be nested?

At this time, folders cannot be nested. For a creative workaround, you can make empty folders that use symbols in the names to visually convey nested folders.

Can I put an order in more than one folder?

No. Orders can only be in one folder at a time.

Why can't I edit or remove the All Orders folder?

The All Orders folder contains all the orders in a store, regardless of which folder they are currently in. It looks and functions like a folder, but because it's actually a collection of the entire store, it cannot be modified or removed.

Where can I find the Folder ID?

In some cases, such as an Order Modify import template, you may need to use the Folder ID to tell Order Desk which folder you want to use. To find the folder ID, go into the folder and look at the URL. The number at the end of the URL after the folder= is the ID. 

When I moved an order into a folder, why didn't it submit to my fulfillment service?

Folders by themselves will not take actions on orders. As an example, if you have an FBA folder, moving an order into this folder will not submit the order to FBA unless you have created a rule that tells Order Desk to send the order to FBA when it is moved into the FBA folder.

For more information on creating rules for your folders, please refer to the Working with Folders guide or watch the Rules video.

Why can't I see the options to edit or create folders?

If you followed along with the video but don't see the cog icon or the folders page in your Store Settings, then you likely do not have the right permissions to work on folders. Please talk to your store admin to get permissions if this is something you need. Order Desk support cannot enable permissions on your account where the admin has disabled them. 

For more information, please see the How to Add Store Users and Edit Permissions guide

Can I change what info is in the folder view?

Yes! You can customize the columns in each folder. For instructions, suggestions and limitations for how to do this, please refer to the How to Customize Folder Columns guide.

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