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Manage your inventory, communicate with your customers and vendors, and add your entire team to your Order Desk stores. Watch this video to get started on learning how these features work in Order Desk.

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Inventory FAQ

Does Order Desk support multi-location inventory?

At this time, this is not a feature supported by Order Desk. If you have items in multiple warehouses using the same SKUs, Order Desk does not have a way to manage the inventory quantities at each separate location. If your items in different locations are using different SKUs, however, then inventory sync will work with Order Desk for those unique SKUs.

Why isn't my inventory updating in my shopping cart?

As long as you have Sync Inventory enabled in your shopping cart integration, any time your inventory counts are updated in Order Desk, they will also be updated in the cart.

If items are not updating, there are a few things to look for:

  1. The inventory sync to shopping carts is an appointment that runs 7 minutes after an item has been updated in Order Desk. You can run this appointment ahead of schedule after items have been updated in Order Desk by visiting your View Appointments page, under the Tools menu in the left sidebar, otherwise it will take 7 minutes from the time the numbers are changed in Order Desk for the numbers to start updating in the shopping cart.
  2. Do the SKUs match? In almost all integrations, Order Desk uses the SKUs to communicate information about your products between services. Make sure your SKUs match in all locations for inventory sync to work. If you use code replace, there are some limitations and important details that you can read about here.
  3. Have you added any safety levels to the items? For more information, see this guide.

Why is Order Desk changing the number my warehouse has in stock when communicating stock levels to my shopping cart?

Order Desk will never change the information it has been given, however there may be settings on certain items that tell Order Desk to alter the numbers it communicates to a shopping cart. Make sure your items do not have safety levels added to them if the numbers are wrong.

Additionally, many warehouses have different stock counts for a single item depending on where in the warehouse the item currently is. Some warehouses will provide a more precise inventory file to merchants accounting for all pieces of inventory in stock, but what they provide to Order Desk is a simplified overview of just the inventory that is currently on the shelf and ready to be shipped. 

If you see a discrepancy between what your warehouse tells you is in stock and what Order Desk is telling your shopping cart, please check with your warehouse to find out how they break their numbers down and what they are communicating to Order Desk.

I still don't understand how to set up bundles with Order Desk.

For more information on how code replace and bundles work in Order Desk, please review this guide.

To summarize, add your inventory to Order Desk using the same SKUs used in your shopping cart. To communicate to Order Desk when a SKU needs to be changed into another SKU or into a group of SKUs, use an item metadata field to add code_replace and the SKU(s) the original item should be changed to.

For a single item, where SKU_A needs to be changed to SKU_B:

For a bundle, where SKU_A needs to be changed to SKU_B,SKU_C,SKU_D:

How do I push my products from one cart to another?

Order Desk doesn't manage listings and cannot push products into shopping carts.

Templates FAQ

I'm not familiar with code. Will you design my email and receipt templates for me?

We get it; code can be difficult, which is precisely why we tell you to hire a skilled developer or designer. The templates we provide work for most scenarios, but if you aren't able to customize them yourself, we do ask that you hire a skilled professional to take the time necessary to write your code.

We appreciate your understanding that the Order Desk team is not your personal designer or developer.

Can I copy the code from my email or receipt templates in another platform into Order Desk?

The field names used in the code in Order Desk are unique to Order Desk. Because of this, copying code from another platform into Order Desk will not work.

Where can I find more info about email templates?

If you'd like to learn more about creating and using email templates in Order Desk, please refer to the How to Work with Email Templates guide.

The shipment notification email template is the default template created in your Order Desk store whenever you add a new template.

If you'd like to use the dropship email template instead, you can find and copy the code from here.

If you want to send a customer receipt as an email, use this code in your email template. Please note that this code is slightly different from the syntax required in actual receipt templates, and those cannot be copied and pasted into email templates.

The most basic rule you can create for sending an email template is to send shipment information when it's added to an order in Order Desk. For instructions on setting this up, refer to the How to Send Shipment/Tracking Info to Customers guide.

For instructions on splitting your orders and sending dropship emails to separate vendors, please follow the instructions in the How to Split and Dropship Orders for Separate Vendors guide.

Where can I find more info about receipt templates?

If you'd like to learn more information about creating and using receipt templates in Order Desk, please refer to the How to Work with Receipt Templates guide.

When creating a receipt in Order Desk, the default template will be supplied. If you need to factor VAT taxes into your receipts, use this sample template instead.

To turn your receipt templates into PDFs, please follow the instructions in this guide.

How do I attach a packing slip to my orders for my fulfillment provider?

Whether you create the packing slip directly in Order Desk or have a packing slip from some other source, you can add it to your orders in Order Desk by setting the link to the packing slip in a checkout data or order metadata field called PackingSlip. Details on how this works can be found here.

Many of the fulfillment integrations in Order Desk will receive the packing slip when formatted this way on orders. If you are not sending the packing slip to an integration, but rather sending the order info and packing slip via a file or email, you can add the field name to your templates to have the packing slip included with the order details.

Store Users and Permissions FAQ

Where can I find more info about user permissions?

For more information on user permissions, please refer to this guide.

How do I give a user access to only parts of my store?

In general, if you don't want your users to access certain parts of your store or certain information  about your orders, it's recommended that they not have access at all. 

However, if you are comfortable writing CSS, you have some ability to hide certain pages or features from certain users. For more information, please refer to this guide

How many users can I add to my store?

There currently isn't a hard limit on the number of users a store can have, however if you're planning on adding more than a couple dozen, please contact Order Desk support to determine if Order Desk is the right app to meet your needs.

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