How to Send Shipment/Tracking Info to Customers

Order Desk can be configured to automatically send shipment and tracking information to your customers when their packages have been shipped.

In order to take advantage of this feature you will need to create an email template and then a rule that will email your customer whenever a shipment is added to an order. Follow the instructions in this guide to set this up in your store.


Create Email Template
Create Rule to Send Email
Send Details to Specific URL

Create Email Template

To send shipment and tracking notifications to your customers, you first need to create the email template that will be used for these emails. To do this, click on Templates under the Settings menu in the left sidebar, then click to Add New Email Template.

The default email template added in Order Desk is the shipment notification template:

You can use the default template or make any changes if you want to personalize the email. For a detailed explanation of each field, see the working with email templates guide.

Create Rule to Send Email

Now that your template is created, you will need to create a rule that will send the email when shipment is added to an order.

If you are unfamiliar with the Rule Builder, see the How to Work with Rules guide for more information.

To create your rule, click on Rule Builder from the Settings menu in the left sidebar, choose the Order Rule type:

For the Event, select Shipment is Added:

For the Action, choose Send Email to Customer, select your shipment notification template from the list, and set a delay (if any):

Give your rule a name and save it.

Now, when shipment is added to an order, Order Desk will email this template to your customer to let them know the tracking details.

Send Details to Specific URL

If you want to send the shipment info to a specific URL, Order Desk can create a built-in webhook for you. To do this, set the URL as an order metadata value called  ship_notify_url with a value of the URL which should receive the post:

Order Desk will send the shipment details to this URL when they are added to the order.

The following info is what will be included with the shipment details.

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