How to Import Files Video

Learn how to create import templates so you can upload your own files directly into Order Desk. Topics covered include what types of information can be imported, how to understand the import template, how to import your files manually, from email or via FTP, how to test your file before importing it, how to read the results of your import and how to understand and fix errors.

There are five videos covering these topics on importing files into Order Desk:

1. Overview
2. How to Create an Import Template
3. How to Import a File
4. Understanding Imports
5. How to Reload Sample Data and Why

Imports Overview

How to Create an Import Template 

How to Import a File 

Understanding Imports 

How to Reload Sample Data and Why

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What types of files can I import?

  • CSV
  • TXT
  • XLS
  • XLSX
  • TSV

When using a format that allows multiple sheets, the data to be imported must be on the first tab/sheet.

What info is necessary in the file for it to import?

Certain information is required for a file to import. The requirements for each type of template are listed below.

Import Type Required Data
Orders Name or Company Name
Shipments Order Number
Inventory SKU
Order Modify Order Number

What is a delimiter?

A delimiter is the character that separates values in a data file.

Most spreadsheets use a comma as the delimiter, which is where CSV comes from: Comma Separated Values. While you may not see the comma when looking at your spreadsheet, the data in the spreadsheet is separated by a comma.

If you don't know what your file delimiter is, it is probably a comma. 

Other delimiter types are typically tab, pipe and semicolon.

Can I test my file before I import it?

Yes! You can do a test import to see what the results will be. To do this, click on the Just Preview Output option and then upload your file normally:

Instead of importing the file, Order Desk will show you what the results would be.

If your file has too many or too few columns:

If the order numbers aren't found in your store:

If the information needed to import the file is missing or the template isn't mapped yet:

Or if the file would be successfully imported:

What does invalid length error mean?

If you do a test import and get an invalid length error, this means the number of columns in your file aren't the same as the number of columns the import template was told to expect.

Ensure that your file and your import template having matching columns to avoid this error.

Can someone email the file to my store?

Yes, this can be done using the unique email address at the top of the page within the template:

Give this address to the third party who will be emailing files into your store. Files should be attached to the email. The body of the email can be left blank as nobody will be receiving or reading it.

Can I copy fields between import templates?

Copying fields between templates is not recommended. Use the dropdown in the template you are working on to find the right field.

If the template types are different, what looks like the same field may actually have a different structure for the app to be able to read it, and the import won't be successful. 

How often do files import through FTP?

FTP import appointments run automatically every 12 hours. It is not possible for these appointments to happen more frequently than this, however, you can run the appointment at any time from your View Appointments page.

To do this, click on View Appointments under the Tools menu in the left sidebar. 

Find the Import Files from FTP appointment and click Run to tell Order Desk to look for and import files:

How do I change the time the FTP import appointment runs?

Click on View Appointments under the Tools menu in the left sidebar.

Find the FTP import appointment and click Edit to adjust what time you want the appointment to run:

My FTP appointments are failing. Is something wrong with Order Desk?

There probably isn't anything wrong with Order Desk. When FTP appointments are failing, please work out the issue with your FTP service or the party you are communicating with through FTP. 

When FTP appointments fail it is typically because the credentials are incorrect or the FTP server being used is outdated. Since we don’t know what your credentials should be and have no control over the server being used, our ability to help resolve this is limited.

I need to whitelist your IP address for my FTP to work.

You can whitelist this list of IP addresses

If you whitelist our IP addresses, you will not be able to run FTP appointments manually due to a rotating IP address that changes each time the appointment runs. Please let your FTP appointments run on their automatic schedule to avoid errors.

What is Manual Mapping?

Manual Mapping allows you to add or remove custom information when importing a file.

For details about how to use this field, please refer to the How to Import Spreadsheets guide.

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