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Create export templates to send order information to third parties via email or FTP, automatically on a schedule or manually when you need to. You can also create custom reports using the export template feature. Watch this video to learn how to create and export your own custom templates in Order Desk.

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What are the different types of file name options?

For a list of all the options for naming the export template file, see the How to Build Export Templates guide.

What are the custom parameters?

For a list of all custom parameters, see the How to Build Export Templates guide.

How do Filters work?

For an overview of how Filters work in export templates, please see the Filters section of the How to Build Export Templates guide.

Why is the file empty when I export it?

There are three reasons why a file might have empty fields when exported.

  1. Check that the fields in the template match the One Line Per setting. If you are exporting product fields, for example, but have it set to One Line Per Order, this would explain why the fields are empty. It will need to be set to One Line Per Item instead.
  2. Check that any custom fields where the ? is replaced with your own field name match the field names in your items and orders. These are case sensitive and should be an exact match for the fields otherwise they will be left blank in the export. If your field names vary from item to item or order to order, fix this for consistency. For example, if the variation is "color" on some items but "Color" on others, it should be changed to one or the other for all items and the export template should match.
  3. Make sure the field exists in the order or item. If it isn't there, it can't be exported.

What happens to my data when it's exported? 

Order Desk won't change or delete your data when it's exported. 

Within each export template, there is an option to move the orders to a different folder after the export runs. This is the most Order Desk will do to "change" the orders when exported.

Is there a limit to how many exports I can run?

Nope! However, there is a limit on how many lines can be exported in one file.

The schedule options don't give me what I need. Can you add more? 

If you need to run the export automatically more often or at a different interval than the schedule allows for, you can duplicate your export template as many times as needed and set each template up on alternating schedules that come out to the right timing for your store.

How do I export my inventory?

Export templates are for orders only, however if you want to export your inventory, you can do so directly from the Inventory Items page. 

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