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Order Desk connects to over 250 outside services, called integrations. When you use Order Desk to connect to the other services you use, Order Desk can communicate with them and act as the central hub where your orders can be managed. Watch this video for a brief introduction to connecting to an integration and using it within Order Desk.

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Will you make an integration to a new service for me?

Please send an email to Order Desk support and let us know:

  1. The name of the service you want integrated.
  2. Their website.
  3. A link to or an attached file of their API docs.
  4. A brief summary of how you use the service (if it is your shopping cart, your fulfillment service, etc.)

How do you decide what integrations to make?

We keep track of every integration request we receive. However, we receive far more requests than we could ever build, so we have to take certain considerations into mind when deciding which integrations will be built.

  1. Is this integration technically feasible for our development team to build and support it?
  2. Will this integration benefit many Order Desk merchants or only a few?
  3. Is this an integration that is frequently requested?

I need a private integration. Can you help?

All integrations built by Order Desk are for anyone using Order Desk to have access to. While private integrations can work with the Order Desk app, it isn't work our development team will take on as it does not benefit the app or the rest of the customers who are using Order Desk.

If you need a private integration, you will need to hire your own developer to do the work.

The service I want an integration for doesn't have an API. What options do I have?

You can still communicate with third parties from Order Desk using import and export templates. For more information, see the How to Import a Spreadsheet and the How to Build Export Templates guides.

Can you help me figure out why my credentials don't work?

Unfortunately this is not something Order Desk can help with as your integration credentials or login details are secure information created in or provided by another service.

The Order Desk team does not have access to your third party accounts and won't have a way to know what your credentials should be. If you're having trouble connecting to a service inside Order Desk, please contact that service for help with their credentials.

I don't understand the settings in the integration I'm using. Do you have a video to cover those?

With so many integrations, and more being added all the time, we can't make a video for each specific integration and the settings within it, however, look for our help guide on your specific integration to learn more about what the settings do. 

If the integration you use does not have a help guide or any settings are not covered in that guide, please contact Order Desk support for more information.

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