How to Customize Folder Columns

In Order Desk, your folders have columns that provide an overview of the information in each order. These columns can be rearranged, changed or customized to display specific information in the orders.

If you aren't yet familiar with how to create, rearrange and use folders, please refer to the Working with Folders guide first.


How to Customize Columns
Special Features

How to Customize Columns

The default columns available in each folder are Order ID, First Name, Last Name, Total, Qty, and Order Date:

To get started, select the folder you want to customize from the left sidebar and click the Customize button in the top right corner.

On the next page, you will see two columns:

The left column shows what is currently being used in the folder view. The right column shows what else is available to add to the folder.

These options can be dragged back and forth between the two columns to add or remove them from the folder view, or they can be dragged up and down in the left column to arrange them in in the order you want.

Custom Defined Columns

At the bottom of the right column, there are two buttons for adding checkout data and order metadata columns:

If you need to add any of your checkout data or order metadata fields as a column, add the field name to the appropriate box and click the button. This must be an exact match to the field name for it to display the information. For example, if your field name is DeliveryDate, then you must use DeliveryDate, not Delivery Date or deliverydate, etc.

Order metadata is found at the bottom of the order details page.

Checkout data is found at the top right corner of the order details page:

If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, see the How to Work with Checkout Data guide. 

Special Features

The column name can also be customized if you want to change the field names from what's on the orders. This can be done by adding = after the field name, followed by the name you'd like to give the column. 

Continuing with the DeliveryDate example from above, if you want to list the DeliveryDate data under a column named "Delivery On" instead of "DeliveryDate", then you put  DeliveryDate=Delivery On in the field: 

Once this is done, the column in the folder view will show the new custom name: 

This feature is useful if you have long or technically complex field names and want to rename them in the column display to something shorter, more efficient or more easy to understand. 


Keep the order number at the front of the row of columns so you can still easily click into an order:

Without the Order ID, you can only see the quickview, which isn't all of the order details:

Each folder has to be set up individually, even if several of them will have the same custom column layout. this does, however, mean that each folder can be customized separately if necessary.


The columns in a folder are not intended to show any detail about the order, but rather certain order level details where there won't be more than one piece of information for each field. For example, an order could have multiple items or multiple tracking numbers, so these fields are not available to avoid the page view being skewed by an order with multiples of a single field.

To see more information about the orders in a folder, click the i button to view the quickview for each order in the folder:

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