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Many warehouses use software provided by 3PL Central to manage their orders. If your fulfillment provider uses this software, Order Desk can connect to them through the 3PL Central integration and send your orders for fulfillment. As they fulfill your orders, the tracking numbers will be sent back into Order Desk and back through to the original shopping cart(s).

This guide explains how to set up and use the 3PL Central integration in Order Desk.



To connect to 3PL Central, click on the Manage Integrations link in the left sidebar and under the Fulfillment tab find and enable the 3PL Central integration.

Alternatively, search for 3PL Central from the available integration search. 


Once enabled, you will need to enter a few details so we can connect directly to your provider.

First look to see if your provider is already listed in the Select Provider dropdown. If so, you won't need to put in the 3PL Key and 3PL ID and can move on to the other credentials.

If your provider is not listed, you must enter the 3PL Key and 3PL ID as well as the other credentials you will have received from your provider. Below you will see some short descriptions of what each of these fields should look like.

Field Description
3PL Key This is a long string that has {curly braces} around it.
3PL ID This is a number (like 100).
Login Your API login ID.
Password Your API login password.
Facility ID This is a number (usually 1).
Customer ID This is a number.

If your provider is not listed and you would like to see it added to the provider dropdown, contact Order Desk support. If you share the facility name, key, ID and a logo, we will be able to add the provider so other customers can quickly connect.

Checkout Data

There are several settings and features in the 3PL Central integration that use checkout data. If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, please read the How to Work with Checkout Data guide to make sure you understand how to properly set your preferences in this integration as you are setting up your Order Desk account.

Integration Settings

After you have connected the integration, you can apply your preferences in the settings.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into after they are successfully sent to your fulfillment provider through 3PL Central.

You can use one of the default folders already in your store or create your own. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into as your fulfillment provider sends shipment details back to Order Desk from 3PL Central.

If Canceled, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into if they are canceled with your fulfillment provider.

Check For Shipments

Select how often you want Order Desk to check for shipment updates from your provider.

Shipping Account #

Add the shipping account you want your provider to use. You can override this on individual orders using the custom options listed below.

Automatically Send Imported orders to 3PL Central

If selected, every order that is added to Order Desk will automatically be sent to your fulfillment provider through 3PL Central.

Select this setting only if all orders will be sent to this provider. If any orders will not be sent, or if you need a delay between when an order is imported into Order Desk and when it is sent do not select this.

Inventory Management Settings

Order Desk can download your 3PL Central inventory and update the stock count in your Order Desk inventory. From there, this data can be updated at one or more shopping carts.

Please note that Order Desk derives your stock count as the SUMOFAVAILABLE value. If stock is available from multiple locations, we will add those locations together.

If the Description2 field is filled out in 3PL Central, this will be included with the product details when inventory is synced into Order Desk.

Sync 3PL Inventory

Enable this setting if you want to pull inventory counts back from your fulfillment provider.

For more information, see the How to Work with Inventory Counts guide.

Sync Interval

Choose how often you want Order Desk to pull in inventory updates from your fulfillment provider.

Inventory Location Name

If you want to set a specific inventory location name for the products being updated from 3PL Central, set that name here. As Order Desk pulls in inventory details, your custom name will be added as the location.

Product Settings

Product Code Match and Skip

For more information on how Product Code Match and Product Code Skip work, please read the Product Code guide.

Gift Message Field

To send the gift message field through with orders, add the checkout data field name where gift messages are stored in your orders.

Picklist Message Field

Set the name of a checkout data field if you want the message in that field on an order to be sent to your fulfillment provider as instructions for the picklist.

You can also send your first order note through to 3PL Central by adding FIRSTORDERNOTE to the Picklist Message Field. If orders are being submitted to 3PL Central automatically as they are imported, the first order note won't be included. This only works if the note is added before the order is sent.

Inventory Location Match

If you only want to send certain items to your fulfillment provider, you can set the inventory location name from the item in this field. Orders with items that don't have an exact match will not be submitted to 3PL Central.

To avoid confusion about which items in which orders are being sent for fulfillment, it is generally better to split orders than to use this field. If you do choose to use this field, please be careful that your inventory location names match exactly.

Custom Shipping Instructions

To customize the shipping instructions that are sent to 3PL Central for a particular order, set checkout data on the order. If you aren't familiar with checkout data, refer to the How to Work with Checkout Data guide for more information.

The following checkout data fields can be used:

Field Name Field Description
3PL_BILLING_CODE Sender, 3rd Party, etc.
ShippingAccount A specific shipping account.
ShippingAccountZip The zip code associated with that shipping account.
ScacCode The SCAC code for the shipment
3PL_MODE Ground, 2nd Day Air, etc.
3PL SKIP_EMAIL Set to 1 if you don't want to send email address to 3PL Central for this order.
3PL_RETAILER_ID If the Retailer ID needs to be set for the Shipto.
PO Number Set a custom PO Number. If not entered, the Order ID will be sent.

Inventory Item Details

Customize certain details about your inventory submission by setting item metadata values on the individual inventory items. The following fields are accepted:

Field Name Field Description
LotNumber Specify a Lot Number of the SKU to match with an inventory item’s lot.
Do not use if item is not set up with Lot Numbers.
SerialNumber Include a serial number for a specific item.

For more information on working with inventory items in Order Desk, including how to store extra item details as item metadata, please read the How to Work with Inventory Details guide.

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