BigCommerce Integration

Order Desk can connect to your BigCommerce store and import your orders. As orders are fulfilled, shipment notices can be sent back to BigCommerce.

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Download Orders
Integration Settings
Manual Imports
Special Features


There are two ways to connect Order Desk to your BigCommerce store.

From BigCommerce

The best way is to select the Order Desk app from within your BigCommerce admin. Click on Apps > Marketplace and search for Order Desk in the Inventory & Order Management section.

When the installation is confirmed, Order Desk will set up an account and store for you.

If you already have an account, you will instead be logged in and the connection to your store will be set up.

While you can install Order Desk directly in BigCommerce and access the app without leaving your BigCommerce store, Order Desk is a standalone app that can be found at

While convenient, there are limitations to using Order Desk directly within BigCommerce. Primarily, only a single user in BigCommerce will be able to access Order Desk, so if you need to add more than one user to your Order Desk store, you must do so directly through the Order Desk app. Instructions can be found here.

From Order Desk

An alternative way to connect is from within Order Desk directly. To connect to your BigCommerce store from Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Shopping Carts tab, look for and enable the BigCommerce integration.

Once enabled select if you want to Connect To BigCommerce or Install Manually:

To Connect To BigCommerce, follow the prompts to login to your BigCommerce store.

To Install Manually, follow the instructions on the page after clicking the button to get your API details and click Connect to complete the installation.

Download Orders

Once connected, set your download preferences so Order Desk knows which orders you want imported.

Instant Download

Once connected to BigCommerce, enable Instant Download and Order Desk will start downloading orders from the past week.

You can continue to download more orders at your convenience by setting up your preferences here or by manually downloading older orders.

Backup Check Schedule

This is a scheduled appointment to check BigCommerce for any new orders. If instant download is enabled, the backup check schedule will run in the background in case any orders were not downloaded when they were placed, which can happen if an order status is initially incomplete or not paid. The instant download will not pull those orders in immediately, but the backup check will find them after the status is updated.

If instant download is disabled, the backup check schedule can be used to pull in orders on the schedule you select instead.

Folder for New Orders

Select the folder where newly imported orders from BigCommerce should be placed.

For more information, see the Working with Folders guide.

Orders to Import

Select which orders you want to have brought into Order Desk.

Include Completed Orders will download the following statuses: Shipped, Partially Shipped, Awaiting Pickup, Awaiting Shipment, Completed, Awaiting Fulfillment.

All Orders (Includes Pending) will bring in all of the same orders as the Include Completed Orders option and will include Pending orders. Pending orders have not received payment yet, so please be careful if you are automatically sending orders for fulfillment if you have this option chosen. Incomplete orders, where the checkout was never completed by the customer, will be skipped.

Import By

Select if you want to import orders from BigCommerce by the date they are added or the date they are modified.

Importing by Date Added has a higher potential of missing orders that aren't immediately updated as ready for fulfillment. If you choose Date Added, be sure to set your Backup Check Schedule to something other than Never.

Generally, selecting Date Modified will bring in orders more reliably as they are placed and immediately updated by BigCommerce as ready for fulfillment. This option will also allow Order Desk to update the order status in your order metadata as the order status is modified in BigCommerce:

You can use this status to create rules to take actions on your orders as the status changes. Your rules would need to be set up as:

When BigCommerce Order Status is Changed
If Order Metadata bigcommerce_current_status Equals XXX

Replace XXX with the status you want to target (case sensitive), and apply an action to your rule to happen to the order when the status changes.

If you aren't familiar with the Rule Builder, see the How to Work with Rules guide.

Integration Settings

Sync Tracking Numbers

Enable if you want Order Desk to send tracking numbers back to your BigCommerce orders as they are fulfilled.

Please note that if order products have been modified or more than one tracking number has been added to a shipment, full tracking information may not be synced to BigCommerce.

Sync Inventory

Enable if you want Order Desk to sync your inventory counts back to BigCommerce.

Simple and advanced SKU-based inventory are both supported.

Tax Method

If you have VAT taxes, select Included With Product.

Otherwise, taxes should be Separate From Product.

Card Method Name & Card Processor

You can use Order Desk to refund payments. To set this up, you will need to map your current payment method name to the processor name you are planning to use.

In the Card Method Name field, add your method name. This might be “Credit Card”, “Visa, Mastercard”, or “Payment Card”. It must be exactly what you have set up in BigCommerce.

In the Card Processor field, add your payment processor name. Acceptable payment processors are:

  • Stripe
  • Authorize.Net
  • Virtual Merchant
  • Quantum Gateway
  • Network Merchants(for NMI)
  • Litle
  • eProcessing Network
  • Emerio Payments
  • BluePay

These names must be an exact match to what you are using so Order Desk can enable the payment refunding services on appropriate orders.

If you are using PayPal in addition to a credit card processor, as long as it is named PayPal, it should be matched.

Order Prefix

If you need your order numbers to have a prefix on them when they are imported into Order Desk, set that prefix here. Prefixes must include letters; adding numbers only as the prefix will not work.

Vendor Filter

If you only want to download specific orders, you can use the Vendor Filter field to specify which ones you want. Enter multiple vendors separated by a comma. The vendor name must match exactly as it is in BigCommerce

Any orders with items for a vendor who  isn't listed in this field will not be imported. If an order contains multiple items from separate vendors, the order will automatically split into multiple orders to bring in only the items matching the vendors set here, one order per vendor, and all other vendor items will be skipped.

For information on how to set vendors in BigCommerce, please refer to this guide.

Country Filter

If you only want to import orders being shipped to certain countries, set the two digit country abbreviations in the country filter with multiple countries separated by a comma. For example, if you only want to import orders for the United States and Canada, add US, CA to this field. Any country not listed will be skipped.

Leave this filter empty if you want to import all orders regardless of the shipping country.

First Import Date

Any orders previous to the date set here will not import into Order Desk.

Download Digital Products

Select if you want Order Desk to pull in orders for digital products.

Download Customer Information

Select to download your customer group details with your orders. Having this selected can cause a delay with downloading orders instantly.

Download Extra Item Details

Select to download item details such as the cost_price variant (saved as bigcommerce_cost in the order item), UPC, MPN, availability_description and image. Having this selected can cause a delay with downloading orders instantly.

Download Item Custom Fields

Select to download custom fields for your items. Having this selected can cause a delay with downloading orders instantly.

Download BigCommerce Shipments

In some cases, an Order Desk store may need to be notified if an order is fulfilled in BigCommerce. If the download BigCommerce shipments option is enabled, any time an order is marked as fulfilled in BigCommerce, the shipment info will be passed through to and updated on the order in Order Desk.

Show a BigCommerce Export Button

If you are sending orders  to BigCommerce, you can select the Show a BigCommerce Export Button option to have a submit to BigCommerce button appear on your orders:

Automatically Split Orders for Multiple Vendors

If you need to split your orders for separate vendors, select this option.

This will require some setup work in BigCommerce and Order Desk. For detailed instructions, read the Split by Vendor with BigCommerce guide.

If you are already using the BPN field in BigCommerce and can't use it to split orders, another option is to instead enter the vendor followed by a dash and then the existing BPN in BigCommerce.

Order Desk will use the code to the left of the dash as the vendor name and save the code to the right of the dash as your BPN.

Manual Imports

If you need to manually import orders or inventory items from BigCommerce, you can do this from the BigCommerce integration page.

Manually Import Orders

Order Desk can download orders from the date you set here. You may need to click to import orders a few times as each import happens if you have a large volume of orders from the date chosen.

Orders will download based on the Orders to Download setting. If you need to pull in orders with a different status, change your setting first, then manually download orders.

Manually Import Inventory Items

If you need to pull your BigCommerce inventory into Order Desk, click the Import Inventory Items Now button.

For more information on Order Desk inventory, see the How to Work with Inventory Details guide.

Special Features

BigCommerce comes with a few rule events and actions that can be used to further automate the workflow in a store. If you are unfamiliar with how the Rule Builder works, please refer to the How to Work with Rules guide.

Submit BigCommerce Staff Note

The Submit BigCommerce Staff Note rule action can be used to send a note back to BigCommerce in the staff note field. The value in the rule accepts Twig, so anything can be pulled from the order and sent back to BigCommerce, or you can simply type in the text you want applied to the staff note field for each order the rule runs on.

As an example, to pull in the text written in the checkout data staff_note field on an order:

Use {{ checkout_data.staff_note }} in the rule:

For more information on using checkout data, please refer to this guide.

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