How to Split by Vendor with BigCommerce

The BigCommerce integration makes splitting orders convenient with a few built in features. This guide will show you how to set up your products in BigCommerce so that Order Desk can automatically split your orders by vendor.

For a general walkthrough on creating email templates and rules for dropship orders, please see this guide.


Split Orders
Send Split Orders for Fulfillment

Split Orders

You will need to add the name of your vendor for each product in BigCommerce.

To do this, go to your Products page in BigCommerce. When adding a new product or editing an existing one, click on Other Details:

Add the vendor name to the Bin Picking Number field:

If you are already using the Bin Picking Number field, you can enter the vendor followed by a dash and the existing BPN. Order Desk will use the code to the left of the dash as the vendor and save the code to the right of the dash as your BPN.

Back in Order Desk, click on BigCommerce under Integrations in the left sidebar.

In the BigCommerce Settings, turn on the Automatically Split Orders for Multiple Vendors option.

You can also use the Vendor Filter to add the names of the vendors you want imported into Order Desk. Separate multiple vendor names with a comma. Any item or order that is not for a vendor listed in the filter will not be imported into Order Desk.

Send Split Orders for Fulfillment

To send your split orders for fulfillment, you'll need to create some rules.


In the Rule Builder, select the Order Rule rule type:

Then select the Order is Imported event:

You may notice an event called Order is Split. Despite how this sounds, this won't be the event you need for your split orders. The vendor split feature with BigCommerce happens right  before they import into Order Desk, so Order is Imported is the event that is needed for this rule.


Your filter will be:

If Order Metadata Field bigcommerce_vendor Equals xxx

Replace xxx with your vendor name. This must be an exact match, taking into account spelling, punctuation, spaces and capitalization.

You can add additional filters if necessary.


Once you have your filter(s) in place, you can set your actions. If you are sending your orders to an Order Desk integration, choose the Submit to Integration option as your action.

You can send an email directly to your vendor with the Send Email With Template action.

Or you can choose the action to Change Folder and select that vendor's folder. See this guide for instructions on setting up custom folders.

Let's look at an example where the vendor name is BuckLtd:

You can add more than one action to your rule. For instance, you may need to send an email and change the folder. Here's an example for another vendor:

Once enabled, Order Desk will split your orders based on the vendor names you set in BigCommerce and then process those orders how you determine based on the rules.

If you need any help with setting up your rules, contact Order Desk support.

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