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Inventory Syncing
Product Settings
Shipping Class Match
Retrieving Tracking Numbers
Report Log

With Order Desk, you can connect to any Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) region to send your orders for fulfillment.

This guide covers the inventory, product, and shipping settings found in the Amazon MCF integration. If you haven't enabled the connection yet, see the MCF Setup guide for details.

Inventory Syncing

Sync Inventory

Enable this setting to have MCF send inventory reports to Order Desk. They will send back the amount of stock they have for the items recently shipped.

When first enabled, inventory will not be updated in Order Desk immediately. MCF will only send updates for items they have shipped within the previous hours.

To request a more complete view of your inventory, scroll to the bottom of the MCF integration settings page to the Sync Inventory section. Choose the time frame from which you would like Order Desk to check for stock details, going as far back as 1 year, then click the Download Inventory button:

If you need to update the quantity displayed at Order Desk and/or your shopping cart for any items that MCF has not recently shipped and that are not updated by downloading inventory from a longer timeframe, update the stock manually within Order Desk from your inventory items page.

Sync Update Interval

Choose how often you would like Order Desk to check MCF for inventory reports.

Inventory Location Name

If this field is left empty, inventory updates from MCF will have the MCF integration region set in the location field of each item updated:

To use your own custom name as the location instead, set it in the inventory location name field in the MCF settings.

This name will be added to your items when inventory reports are sent back from MCF:

Sync Unlisted Items

Enable this setting to create new items when inventory is synced. If disabled, no new items will be created upon inventory sync. 

Product Settings

For more information on what these product settings in the MCF integration are for and how to use them, read the Fulfillment Integration Product Settings guide.

Shipping Class Match

MCF will only ship your orders as Standard (3-5 Days), Expedited (2 Business Days) or Priority (1 Business Day).

Using the shipping class match feature, you can match as many different shipping methods as you offer to the three methods MCF uses to ensure your customers are getting the closest shipping option to what they selected at checkout.

For information on how to set up your shipping preferences, please see the shipping class match guide.

Retrieving Tracking Numbers

To retrieve shipment information about your orders, Order Desk checks for shipments one by one multiple times a day as well as running a backup report once a day. This report pulls all shipments from the previous twelve hours, with a small overlap in the time for appointments that run more often than 12 hours, in case any order shipments were missed on a previous check.

If you need to, you can also look up shipment details directly from within an order by clicking on the Check Amazon MCF for Shipment button:

After clicking, look at the top of the page for a message from MCF about the status of the order. If the order has already shipped but Order Desk hasn't yet pulled the report about it, the shipment will be added at this time. Otherwise, it will say when the estimated shipment date will be:

When MCF sends a shipment report back to Order Desk, the shipment info will be added to the order and sent back to the original cart if your shopping cart integration is configured for it. Every shopping cart integration works a little differently. To see if your cart accepts tracking numbers from Order Desk, check your shopping cart integration settings for a Sync Tracking Numbers option.

The shipment being added to the order will also trigger any other actions that you have set up with a rule for the event When Shipment is Added, such as sending out a shipment notification email to your customer.

Report Log

At the bottom of the MCF integration settings page, there is a Report Log section. You can click the Get Report Log button to see your store's shipment request reports and their statuses:

If reports are requested too close together, the new request will be canceled due to MCF's request limits. In this case, Order Desk will process the latest report in the DONE status. You can then view the generated report by clicking on the report number:

Or click the Request Appt link to process the specified report and open up your store's appointment page, where you can click Run for the “Process Amazon MCF Shipment Report” appointment:

Click through to the next guide in the MCF series: Cancel Orders and Removal Requests.

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