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Cancel Orders
Removal Requests

With Order Desk, you can connect to any Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment region to send your orders to MCF for fulfillment. This guide will cover how to cancel orders that were sent to MCF and how to make removal requests.

Cancel Orders

To cancel an order that has already been sent to MCF, click the Cancel Order at Amazon MCF button on the order detail page:

Amazon will attempt to cancel the order. In some cases, it may have already shipped or be too far along within their own system to stop it. Follow up in your Amazon account if you are unclear on the status of the order after requesting shipment cancellation.

For more information on working with canceled orders in Order Desk, please see this guide.

Removal Requests

To request inventory be removed from MCF's warehouse system, Allow Amazon MCF Removal Requests in the MCF integration settings must be enabled.

Create an order in Order Desk for any products you want returned to you. On the order details page, click the Amazon MCF Removal Request button.

If you have more than one MCF region integrated to Order Desk, select the region where the inventory is stored that should be removed:

This queues up the process, and Order Desk will send the feed with the removal request to Amazon. After a few minutes, the app will check to see if the request was successful or not. If so, the order will be moved to the folder specified in the After Submit, Move To setting in the MCF integration. If it was not successful, the store admin will receive an email with further details.

Amazon Requirements

To set up an order for a removal request, please keep in mind these Amazon requirements:

  • Removal requests must include the phone number of the recipient. Make sure the shipping address has a phone number before submitting.
  • The ID number of the order being submitted must not be over 10 characters long. If you need to shorten your Order ID before submitting a removal request, edit it by clicking Edit Order Details under the order details section on the order page:
  • For more information, please see Amazon's removal request overview.

Order Desk will check the tracking info for these shipments once a day. If a tracking number is found, it will be added to the removal request order like a regular order.

Additional notes about removal requests

  • If your SKUs end with -REFURB or start with REFURB- these will be stripped out of the SKU before being sent to Amazon.
  • If you have a specific SKU that you would like to send rather than the value found in the item code field of your product, you can set a variation or metadata value of MCFRemovalSku 
  •   Be sure to sync this into your order. For instructions on order syncing, please read this guide.

  • If you would like to remove some sellable inventory, you can set a variation or metadata field on your product(s) called SellableQuantity with a value for the number of items you'd like to have removed:

  • By default, unsellable inventory will be removed in the amount of the quantity for the item in the order. If you need to customize this, set a variation or metadata field called UnsellableQuantity.

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