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Send Orders Manually
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Send Specific Orders
Send to Different MCF Regions
Copy Orders to Different Stores
Europe Country Codes

If you need to send orders to Amazon for fulfillment, follow the instructions in this guide. You will learn how to manually send orders to MCF, how to automatically send all orders to MCF, and how to send certain orders to MCF or to different MCF regions.

After orders are fulfilled by MCF, the tracking info will be pulled into Order Desk and, in most cases, can be sent back to the original shopping cart.

Send Orders Manually

To submit an order to MCF manually, click the Amazon MCF button in the order.

If you need to select a specific region to send the order to, based on the shipping country, select the region from the dropdown next to the submit button. Do this before clicking the submit to MCF button.

Send All Orders Automatically

If you aren't using any other fulfillment service and your store only has orders for one MCF region, you can automatically send all of your orders to MCF.

To do this, open the Amazon MCF integration settings, which can be found under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar.

Enable the option to Automatically Send Imported Orders to Amazon MCF:


If you are bringing any fulfilled or historical orders into Order Desk when you initially set up your account, wait to enable this setting until all old orders have imported. Once you are only importing new, unfulfilled orders, this setting can be used to send them to MCF.

Send Specific Orders

If only certain orders will be sent to MCF, you can tell Order Desk which orders to send by using the Rule Builder.


If you need to split your orders first, to remove any items that aren't meant for MCF, please read the splitting orders guide or the vendor splitting guide specifically for Shopify or BigCommerce stores.

Once your orders are split, set up rules to send orders to MCF following the instructions in the next section.


In the Rule Builder, use the Submit Order To Amazon MCF action to send an order to MCF:

Add any filters necessary to tell Order Desk which orders you want sent to MCF. For example:

Event: Order is Imported
Filter: If Order Source Equals Shopify
Action: Submit to Amazon MCF North America

This means all Shopify orders will be sent to MCF.

The Rule Builder is versatile and has many options for setting filters for which orders should be submitted to MCF. The rules you set up should be customized to your needs.

Send to Different MCF Regions

If your products are available to purchase in or be shipped to multiple international regions, you will need MCF for each of those regions. If an order has an American address but is being submitted to MCF Europe Italy, MCF will not accept the order because that warehouse region doesn't ship to America. The order will need to be submitted to the MCF NA (North American) region.

Using the Rule Builder, you can submit your orders by matching the shipping country on the order with the correct MCF region and integration.

For instance:

Event: Order is Imported
Filter: If Shipping Country Contains US
Action: Submit Order to Amazon MCF North America


Event: Order is Imported
Filter: If Shipping Country Contains FR
Action: Submit Order to Amazon MCF Europe - France

You can further specify this to include all the countries in a specific region with your filter by using the operator "in list".

Event: When Order is Imported
Filter: If Shipping Country In List AT,DE,NL,SI,HU,SK,BG,RO,PL,LV,LT,CZ,LU,DK,EE,FI
Action: Submit Order to Amazon MCF Europe - Germany

This means if the shipping country on the order is in the list of country codes, submit the order to MCF Europe Germany.

Amazon MCF Europe has a different sets of countries that they ship to depending on which export plan your account uses. Check your MCF account settings at Amazon if you are having trouble submitting European orders to MCF Europe. For a list of country codes, scroll down to the Europe Country Codes section.

Copy Orders to Different Stores

If you use separate Order Desk stores for your separate shopping carts and/or MCF regions, you can copy orders from one store to another to submit your orders to the appropriate MCF integration.

Send Primary Store Orders to MCF

Orders in the store with the right MCF integration can be sent using rules as described earlier in this guide.

Event: Order is Imported (or Split)
{set filters}
Action: Submit Order to Amazon MCF

Copy Orders to Secondary Store

If the MCF integration your orders need to be sent to are in a different store, copy your orders from your primary store to the other store with a rule.

Event: Order is Imported
{set filters}
Action: Copy to Store

You might want to include a second action in this rule to move the order to a different folder in the primary store, such as Prepared or a custom folder, to hold copied orders waiting for fulfillment.

For more information on copy orders between stores, see this guide.

Send Copied Orders to MCF

In the second store where orders are being copied to, create a rule to send those orders to MCF.

Event: Order is Copied From Another Store
Action: Submit to Amazon MCF

Europe Country Codes

If you use MCF in Europe, you will likely want to send orders to the different MCF locations based on the shipping address in the order.

You can use these country codes to make setting up your rules easier, but please check your Amazon account directly if you have any question about which countries MCF will ship to for you based on your account settings.

MCF UK 9 Country Set


MCF UK 26 Country Set


Ship from United Kingdom

United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Isle of Man, Jersey

Country codes: GB,UK,IE,SE,IM,JE

Ship from Germany

Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Denmark, Estonia, Finland


Ship from France

Belgium, France

Country codes: BE,FR

Ship from Italy

Italy, Croatia, Malta, Cyprus, Greece

Country codes: IT,HR,MT,CY,GR

Ship from Spain

Spain, Portugal

Country codes: ES,PT


Can I send Shopify orders to any MCF region?

Yes. Order Desk supports every international MCF endpoint. If you have an account with MCF, Order Desk can submit your Shopify orders as long as the MCF warehouse is in the same region as the shipping address on the order, and it adheres to the account settings you have with Amazon.

Can I connect multiple MCF regions to the same Order Desk account?

Yes. Each region is a separate integration within Order Desk. Connect to each integration as needed in one store.

Why won't MCF accept my international order?

If the shipping country on the order does not match the MCF region the order is being submitted to, MCF will reject the order. Make sure the order is being submitted to the proper MCF region. Please read the Send to Different MCF Regions section of this guide for detailed instructions.

Why won't my Canadian order submit to my North American MCF account?

Some older MCF accounts for the North American region do not include all of North America. If you already have the original MCF integration enabled and set up for the US, you can enable the MCF NA integration to log into and connect your Canadian MCF account, or vice versa. This also applies to Mexico.

If you have three separate MCF accounts for the North American regions, you will need to have multiple Order Desk stores to connect to all three MCF regions. Please see the instructions in the Copy Orders to Different Stores section of this guide for instructions.

Can I submit only orders to MCF that have inventory in stock and the rest of my orders to another fulfillment service?

Yes. To do this, select Fill or Kill in the MCF integration settings for the Fulfillment Policy. Any orders sent to MCF with items that aren't in stock will be rejected.

You can then set up a rule with the event When Order Not Submitted to Amazon MCF Because No Products Available. Add the actions to the rule that you would like to happen in this event, such as submit to another integration.

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