Amazon MCF: Integration Setup

Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) Guides

This guide covers the Amazon Multi-Channel Fulfillment integration. Multi-Channel Fulfillment (MCF) manages fulfillment for both orders placed on Amazon (FBA) and orders from additional channels (e.g. your brand website, ecommerce marketplaces, etc.). To pull in your Amazon FBA orders, use the settings in the Amazon Marketplace integration.

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Integration Setup
Log In and Register for MWS


Connect to any Fulfillment by Amazon (MCF) region with Order Desk to send your orders for fulfillment. Tracking information will be sent back to Order Desk from MCF as orders are fulfilled.

This series of MCF guides will go over the setup, settings, uses and special features of the Amazon MCF integration. If you want to import your Amazon Marketplace orders into Order Desk, see the Amazon Marketplace integration guide.

What's the difference between Amazon Marketplace and MCF?

While both the Amazon Marketplace and Fulfillment by Amazon (MCF) integrations are part of your Amazon Seller Account (Amazon MWS), the Marketplace integration is for downloading Amazon orders into Order Desk, and the MCF integration is for sending orders from Order Desk to Amazon for fulfillment.

Amazon orders that were fulfilled by MCF directly through Amazon (AFN) can be downloaded from the Marketplace Integration. The MCF integration is only used for sending orders to Amazon for fulfillment.

Make sure you are connecting to the correct integration(s) when setting up your store.

Integration Setup

To enable Amazon MCF, click on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar:

All available regions can be found under the Fulfillment tab: Amazon North America, Amazon Europe, Amazon Australia, and Amazon Japan. Click to enable the ones you need to connect to.

Log In and Register for MWS

Complete the connection between Order Desk and your Amazon MCF account(s) by following the prompts in the integration.

Step 1: Log In to Amazon

Click Connect to Amazon to proceed with establishing a connection for United States.

Alternatively, select  Pick a Different Country and pick the country you'll be working with.

After you've selected the country, an Amazon permission screen will open.

Step 2: Authorize Order Desk

To set up Amazon MCF, you will need to review the permissions being granted to Order Desk related to your Amazon account.

Once you've read through the permissions, click Confirm to complete the setup process.

Amazon has specific requirements for using MWS. If you're having trouble accessing these settings in MWS, make sure your account fits their requirements—more information here. This needs to be addressed directly with Amazon; Order Desk is not able to help.

Once connected, set up your MCF integration with your preferences. For details about these settings, please see the Fullfilment by Amazon (MCF): Settings guide.

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