Gooten Integration

Order Desk can send your orders to Gooten. As Gooten fulfills your orders, the shipment info will automatically be added to your orders in Order Desk and, if your store is set up for it, sent back to the original shopping cart. 


Integration Setup
Basic Settings
Product Settings
Shipping Class Match
Send Product Details to Gooten
Send Order Details to Gooten

Integration Setup

To enable Gooten on your Order Desk store, click on Manage Integrations and under the Print on Demand tab, find and enable Gooten.

Alternatively, search for Gooten from the available integrations search.

You'll need the Recipe ID and Partner Billing Key from Gooten as well as the phone number you want to use if a customer doesn't enter their number when checking out.

To get the Recipe ID and Partner Billing Key, go into your Gooten control panel and click on Settings > Keys.

Copy and paste the Live Recipe ID and the Partner Billing Key to the Gooten setup page in Order Desk.

If you have trouble finding your Gooten credentials please contact your rep from Gooten. Order Desk support is not able to help with finding or resetting your Gooten credentials, as they are created and provided by Gooten.

Scroll down to the Notification URL section to find out how to get your shipment notifications back from Gooten. These will not be passed back automatically until you follow these steps.

Basic Settings

Once you've connected the Gooten integration, adjust the settings to your preferences.

Order Mode

When setting up your account, if you need to send test orders through to Gooten, choose Test mode. If you are ready to go live and send real orders through, set this to Live mode.

Default Mail Class

Select your preferred default mail class. The shipping type you set here will be used for all of your orders where the shipping method on the order does not match one of Gooten's shipping method names exactly or that has not been mapped to one of Gootens shipping method names.

If you need to tell Gooten different shipping methods instead of them using this default setting, you will need to map your shipping method names to their shipping method names. Until your shipping methods are mapped, this default method will be used for all of your orders. For more information, please read the Shipping Class Match guide.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to move to after they have been successfully submitted to Gooten.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to move to after Gooten sends shipment details back.

If Canceled, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to move to if the order is canceled at Gooten.

Shipper Phone

Some shipment services require a phone number for anything they ship. To avoid any delays or problems with orders that may not have a number, Gooten also requires a phone number be sent with every order. Add the backup phone number you want to use on any orders where your customer has not provided theirs.

Gooten also requires that an email address be submitted for each order. If an email was not provided, our Order Desk store admin email will be used.

Notification URL

The Notification URL is how Gooten tells Order Desk about your order shipments. This URL must be set up in your Gooten account for Order Desk to automatically pull in tracking details on orders sent to Gooten.

To add this to Gooten, go into your Gooten account and click on Settings > Notifications. Scroll to the Webhooks section. Enable Webhooks and paste the URL there. You do not need to complete a test.

If you have more than one Gooten integration set up in Order Desk for the same Gooten account, you will need to setup notification URL redirects following the instructions in the next section.

Setup Redirects

If you have Gooten connected to more than one Order Desk store for the same Gooten account, instead of adding the notification URL for each connection to Gooten, add any additional notification URLs from other connections to your primary account. Add one URL per line. 

When Gooten ships your items, these redirects will help the shipments find their way back into the Order Desk store the orders came from.

Product Settings

For more information on what these product settings within the Gooten integration are for, please read the Print on Demand Product Settings guide.

Shipping Class Match

To match your shopping cart shipping method names to Gooten's shipping method names, you will need to use shipping class matches. This will allow you to tell Gooten what the shipping method name you have on your orders, set in your shopping cart, should be sent as.

If your shipping method name does not match their shipping method name exactly, your default mail class will be used instead.

For information on how to set up your shipping preferences, please read the Shipping Class Match guide.

Send Product Details To Gooten

There are two separate ways to send your product info to Gooten for them to fulfill your orders. The first option is how most print on demand integrations work with Order Desk and requires you to set up your products in Order Desk along with the print details.

The second option, which is a little easier, is to set up your products directly in Gooten and use the SKU used there with your products in Order Desk.

Please read below for information on your two options.

Adding Products to Order Desk

The first option is to set up each product in Order Desk and include the print details Gooten needs to know to be able to fulfill your orders. If you use this method, the following fields can be set as variations or item metadata for each item in an order:

Field Name Field Description
print_sku Gooten's product code for the item being ordered.
print_url Link to your artwork file. Can set up to 15 URLs for multi-print items. Use print_url_1, print_url_2, etc.
print_preview Link to the preview image. Can use up to 15 to match the print_urls, set up as print_preview_1, print_preview_2, etc.
print_location Location of the artwork for multi-print items. Can use up to 15 to match the print_urls, set up as print_location_1, print_location_2, etc. If you are having custom neck labels printed, set the print_location to neck.
ManipCommand Use this if instructed to by Gooten.

This guide on Print on Demand Fulfillment explains in detail how to add your products to Order Desk.

Using Products in Gooten

If you have already set up your products directly in Gooten, then you can skip the first option setting up print details on your items in Order Desk and instead use the SKU you use in Gooten. When no print_sku is on an item in Order Desk, then the SKU will be used instead.

To make sure this is set up correctly, follow these steps:

  1. Set up your product in Gooten.
  2. Set up your product in your shopping cart using the same SKU.
  3. That's it! As long as the order comes in from the shopping cart with the right SKU, Order Desk will pass it to Gooten and link it up to the product in their system. If the SKUs aren't the same, you will either need to use the first option to add print details to your products in Order Desk or consider using code replace on your items.

Send Order Details To Gooten

The following details can be submitted with an order as either checkout data or order metadata. For more information on what each field means, please talk to Gooten.

Field Name Field Description
needs_customization Set the value to  1 if the order needs to be flagged for customization in Gooten.

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