How to Use Code Replace

Code replace is a feature in Order Desk that lets you swap one product SKU for another or turn one product into multiple products if you have bundles. It also works for print on demand bundles.


Code Replace
Code Replace Bundles
Print on Demand Bundles

Code Replace

Code replace swaps one product SKU for another in your orders here in Order Desk.

To set this up, first make sure your store is automatically syncing orders with your inventory items. Click on Store Settings (under the Settings menu in the left sidebar) and under the Inventory Settings section, enable the Add Inventory Details to Order Items setting:

Your inventory items need to be stored in Order Desk. If you haven't done this yet, read this getting started guide for information on the ways you can add your inventory.

To access your current inventory items in Order Desk, click Inventory Items in the left sidebar under the Tools menu:

Add a metadata field called code_replace to any item that needs to have the SKU changed when the order gets to Order Desk. Set the value of that metadata field to the new SKU.

In this example, when the item 1200AT comes into Order Desk, it will be replaced with PD-999.

Set up an item in Order Desk for PD-999 as well:

When an order with this item comes in, the SKU will automatically be replaced, and the details from the new SKU will be applied to the order:

If using code replace, some integrations inventory counts can be synced back into the shopping carts for the original SKUs. For details on how to set this up and which integrations it works with, please refer to the How to Work with Inventory Quantities guide.

Code Replace Bundles

Code replace can also be used with bundles.

To do this, apply code_replace to the metadata of an inventory item and add the individual SKUs that make up the bundle, separated by a comma:

When an order comes in for the bundle item, it will be replaced by the individual items:

Print on Demand Bundles

For general information on adding print on demand products to your inventory, please refer to the print on demand fulfillment guide

Set print on demand bundles up using the code replace bundles instructions above. Each of your individual items will need to be added to Order Desk, with the print details included.

To access your current inventory items in Order Desk, click  Inventory Items in the left sidebar under the Tools menu:

As an example, if you sell a bundle of two separate mugs, set up your bundled item in Order Desk with the code replace pointing to the two individual mug SKUs:

In each of the individual items, add the print details. For instance:

When an order for the bundled item comes in, Order Desk will split it out into the individual products and sync their print details into the order:

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