Order Desk can import orders from your shopping cart(s), apply custom information and then submit them to Ware2Go for fulfillment. When orders are shipped, the tracking details will be sent back to Order Desk and back to your shopping cart(s) if your store is set up for it.


Integration Settings
Inventory Management Settings
Webhook Setup
Product Settings
Shipping Class Match
Special Fields


To connect to Ware2Go, click on the Manage Integrations link in the left sidebar and under the Fulfillment tab find and enable the Ware2Go integration.

Webhook Setup

Once enabled, you will be prompted to copy the webhook notification URL and set it up in your Ware2Go account in order for tracking numbers to sync back to Order Desk.

Please ensure that you’ve enabled Outbound Order Transit Status Updates and Outbound Order Warehouse Status Updates.

Although it is optional, you may also add your Token Verification Key at this stage. This will help add further security to your webhook endpoint, ensuring that only notifications signed by Ware2Go are received.

For more information on setting up your Ware2Go webhook, please see this guide.

Setup Credentials

After choosing either a Production (live) or Staging (test) environment, enter your Username, API Secret, and Merchant ID. Please note that Order Desk is unable to recover your credentials as this information must be supplied by Ware2Go. More information on setting up a Ware2Go account and acquiring credentials can be found here.

Integration Settings

After you have connected the integration, you can apply your preferences to the settings.


Shows the environment of your integration (either Production or Staging).

The link beside your current setting will allow you to switch environments.

Domestic Mail Class

Choose the shipping class you want Ware2Go to use for your US orders.

If you need to apply specific shipping methods for certain orders, match your method names to Ware2Go's names in the Shipping Class Match section below.

International Mail Class

Choose the shipping class you want Ware2Go to use for your international orders. Please note that if you do intend to ship internationally, you need to set this up with Ware2Go directly before it can be used.

If you need to apply specific shipping methods for certain orders, match your method names to Ware2Go's names in the Shipping Class Match section below.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into after they are successfully sent to Ware2Go.

You can use one of the default folders already in your store or create your own. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into as Ware2Go sends shipment details back to Order Desk.

If Canceled, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into if they are canceled with at Ware2Go.

Send Customer Email Address to Ware2Go

Select this setting to share the customer email addresses associated with your orders with Ware2Go

Automatically Send Imported Orders to Ware2Go

If selected, every order that is added to Order Desk will automatically be sent to Ware2Go.

Select this setting only if all orders will be sent to Ware2Go. If any orders will not be sent, or if you need a delay between when an order is imported into Order Desk and when it is sent to Ware2Go do not select this.

Inventory Management Settings

Sync Inventory

Enable this setting if you want to download inventory stock counts to Order Desk from Ware2Go.

Selected Warehouse

Choose which warehouse(s) you want to sync inventory counts from. Selecting All will result in all inventory counts being synced together.

Sync Update Interval

Choose how often you want Order Desk to pull in inventory updates from Ware2Go.

Inventory Location Name

If you want to set a specific inventory location name for the products you have at Ware2Go, set that name here.

Webhook Setup

Webhook setup information (as shown on the integration connection page), including an optional field to input your Token Verification Key.

Ware2Go resources for understanding the webhook setup process can be found here.

Product Settings

For more information on what these product settings in the Ware2Go integration are for and how to use them, read the Fulfillment Integration Product Settings guide.

Shipping Class Match

If the shipping methods you set up in your shopping cart(s) don't match the shipping method names Ware2Go uses, they won't know what methods you intend for them to use. When this happens, the default mail classes applied above will be used instead for all of your orders.

To tell Ware2Go what methods you want them to use, you will need to match your method names to theirs. This can be done in the shipping class match section. For detailed instructions on setting this up, please read through the shipping class match guide.

Special Fields

Custom Order Details

We can send special values to Ware2Go along with the order. Here is a table of the data that can be set in the checkout data or order metadata.

Field Name Description
PONumber Use to pass the externalOrderNumber.
WarehouseID Optional. Use to pass the ID (numerical value) for the specific warehouse you'd like to use. If blank, one will be automatically assigned.
Priority Order Priority. Value must be either Lowest, Standard, or Highest.
Duties Use to identify duties payment status on international orders. Options are Paid and Unpaid. Required if shipping internationally. If no value is set, we will default to Unpaid.
InsuredValue Insured value of the order. Optional.
ProofOfDelivery Use a value of 1 to require a signature for delivery. If blank, this will default to False.
SfpBrand Use to associate a specific brand with an SFP order. Optional.
ShippingAccount Use to set the shipping account. If set, the following values must also be set: ShippingAccountName, ShippingAccountAddress, ShippingAccountCity, ShippingAccountState, ShippingAccountPostalCode.
customerOrderType Use to pass customer order type. If the order source is Amazon, AmazonFBM will be set as the value of this field automatically.

Custom Item Details

The following fields can be set as variations or item metadata for each item in an order.

Field Name Field Description
InsuranceRequired Use a value of 1 to denote an insurance requirement on an item by item basis. If blank, this will default to False.
customerSku Use to set customer SKU. If the order source is Amazon, the Amazon line item ID will be set automatically.

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