FetchApp Integration

FetchApp is a service that lets you assign license keys and download links to digital products after sale. Order Desk can be configured to submit orders to FetchApp for fulfillment, and the download links and license keys can be sent into Order Desk.


Integration Settings
Product Settings


To enable the integration, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Productivity tab, find and enable the FetchApp integration.

Enter your FetchApp Key and Token, then click to connect. These can be found in FetchApp from the cart menu at the bottom to the API section.

Integration Settings

Automatically Send Imported Orders to FetchApp

If you plan to automatically submit every order to FetchApp, you can enable this setting. All orders will be sent as they come in to Order Desk.

If you have any orders you don't want to send to FetchApp, keep this disabled. Use rules to submit orders to the appropriate vendor or service instead.

FetchApp Should Send Email To Customer

Select if you want FetchApp to email the customer with their download links or license keys. If not selected, you will need to communicate this information to the customer another way.

Check For Download Links

Select to have the download links added as order metadata in Order Desk.

Check For License Keys

Select to have the license keys added as an item variation in Order Desk.

Add Shipment When Finding Downloads or License Keys

Select to have N/A added as a shipment on the order when the link or license key is added.

N/A as a tracking number can be used to trigger fulfillment in the original shopping cart and be used with the Shipment Added event in the Rule Builder.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into after they are successfully sent to FetchApp.

You can use one of the default folders already in your store or create your own. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

Download Limit

Select the number of downloads allowed for each link.

This value can also be set directly on the order to override this default setting. To do this, add the limit to a checkout data field called Download Limit.

If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, please see the How to Work with Checkout Data guide.

Download Expiration

Add the time for when a link should expire, such as +7 days, +1 month or 2017-12-31.

This value can also be set directly on the order to override this default setting. To do this, add the date or time format to a checkout data field called Download Expiration.

Product Settings

Product Code Match and Skip

For more information on how Product Code Match and Product Code Skip work, please see the Product Code guide.

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