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Sending Orders to FragranceX


Order Desk can send orders to FragranceX for fulfillment, pull shipment details back into your orders and send the shipment info to your shopping carts, where applicable.

This guide covers the setup and settings with the FragranceX integration.


To enable the integration, click on the Manage Integrations link in the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. Under the Fulfillment tab, find and enable FragranceX. Alternatively, search for FragranceX from the available integrations.

In the integration page, add your FragranceX API Access ID and Keyword and click to connect.

Please note that Order Desk isn’t able to help find or reset your credentials, as they can only be provided through FragranceX.

Integration Settings

Default Mail Class

Choose the default mail class you want to use for your orders. This shipping class will be used for any orders sent to FragranceX that aren't mapped to one of the mail classes they use.

To set up more than one shipping method, scroll down to the Shipping Class Match section for instructions.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder orders should be moved to after they are sent to FragranceX from Order Desk. You can use one of the default folders already in your store or create your own. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder orders should be moved to when FragranceX sends tracking details back to Order Desk.

Product Code Match

Product Code Match

If the SKUs in your shopping cart don't match the SKUs FragranceX has for your products, you can match them to each other here. More information on how to set this up can be found in the product code match guide.

To create bundles, refer to the product code match bundles section of the guide.

Product Code Skip

To prevent certain SKUs from being sent to FragranceX, add them to the product code skip field. Any items included here will not be sent through with your orders. Add one SKU per line.

Gift Message Field

Set the name of a checkout data field if you want the gift message in that field on an order to be sent to FragranceX.

If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, please read the How to Work with Checkout Data guide.

Shipping Class Match

Use the shipping class match feature to match as many different shipping methods as you offer to the specific shipping classes that FragranceX uses. This ensures your customers are getting the closest shipping option to what they selected at checkout.

For information on how to set up your shipping preferences, please see the shipping class match guide.

Sending Orders to FragranceX

Order Level Details

The following details can be submitted with an order as either checkout data or order metadata. For more information on what each field means, please talk to FragranceX.

Field Name Field Description
Dropship Default is 1. Set to 0 if your order is not being dropshipped.
GiftWrapped Default is 0. Set to 1 if you'd like your order gift wrapped.

Item Level Details

The following can be set as item metadata or variations on the items in your orders.

Field Name Field Description
Comments Any information added in the comments field will be sent to FragranceX in the Extra6 field at the item level.

If you are unfamiliar with how to add item metadata or variations to your items in Order Desk, see the How to Work with Inventory Details guide.

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