Print on Demand Video Series: Automating the Process

In this final video, we look at how to make set up rules to automatically send your orders to your printers. Once this is set up, new orders that import can automatically be sent off for printing without any additional intervention necessary on your part!

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It is possible to use rules to split my orders so I can send different items to different fulfillment services?

It is! There are numerous ways to split orders, but the most common method is to set a metadata field on each of your items and then target that field in a split rule. Here's an example of how that rule would look:

Type: Order Rule
Event: Order is Imported
Action: Split Order
Split Type: Metadata
Field Name: the field you want to target when splitting orders 
Field Value: all the metadata values that should be split out together into their own order 

This guide also has more helpful resources on how to split an order before sending it to fulfillment. If you are using Shopify or BigCommerce, you can also set orders to automatically split at import based on information added to the items at the cart, so be sure to reference those guides on how to do so.

How can I tell when a rule runs?

When in doubt, look at your Order History to see what has happened to the order. When a rule runs, it will show up in the history as Auto.

Order History can be found near the bottom of every order details page:

Why didn't my rule run?

If a rule didn't run on an order or item where it was expected to run, make sure the filters in the rule match the order or item. In most cases, the issue is a small, easy to miss difference, such as case sensitive error.

If you are certain the rule filters should have applied but didn't, contact Order Desk support for help

Why doesn't my rule work on older orders?

In most cases, this is because the rule is made for the Order is Imported event, which has already happened for older orders. If the rule is created  after the order imports, the rule won't run on the order. 

If this is the case, you can run the Order is Imported event on your orders to force the rule to work on them. For instructions on how to do this, see the How to Work with Rules guide.

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