Print on Demand Video Series: Sending Orders to the Printer

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Once I submit the order, how will I know the printer has received it?

Every successful order submission will be recorded in the Order History. You can know that an order has been received by the printer when you see the message "Order Submitted to Your Printer."

I don't understand the error message indicating why the order didn't submit. What does it mean?

Different error messages can mean different things, but it's important to know that some error messages are coming directly from the printer themselves. If the error is not related to the order missing print details, you will usually be best served asking your printer what the error message means, as it's likely the Order Desk support team won't be able to say for certain.

I needed to make a change to the order after it was submitted. How do I send my printer the update?

Once an order has been submitted, we don't have a way to make additional updates to it at your printer. As a result, if you need to make changes to a submitted order, you'll need to reach out to your printer directly to have them make that update on their end.

What do I do if an order contains some items that don't need to be sent to the printer?

If you only need to send the printer some of the items, you would need to look into either splitting your orders (to remove the items the printer won't be fulfilling), or using a product code skip to tell us to exclude those items when sending the order to the printer.

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