Print on Demand Video Series: Don't Lose Money by Skipping on Shipping

Let's talk about shipping! When you offer multiple options at checkout, you'll need to be sure to let Order Desk know which options offered by your printer they match to. This video will walk through both what a shipping class match is and how to use it in your Order Desk store.

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Can I use Order Desk to offer living shipping rates at checkout?

Since Order Desk focuses on what happens with the order after they are placed, we don't have a way to send a shopping cart shipping costs. If this is something you want to do on your checkout page at your shopping cart, you'll need to contact your shopping cart directly to see if this is service they can provide.

How do I know which options my fulfillment service offers?

If your printer has a shipping class match section, you can see all of the shipping options they offer in the dropdown. If not, you'll want to reach out to them directly to determine what shipping methods they support.

Does my shipping class match need be exactly the same as the shipping method sent from my cart?

Yes. The name you use in the shipping class match section must match exactly (including capitalization and spacing) as what we get from the shopping cart. If not, the method set as the default will be sent to your printer. The best way to make sure they match is to copy the shipping method from an existing order and paste it into the shipping class match field.

Which shipping method at my cart best matches the methods offered by printer?

This isn't something Order Desk would be able to clarify for you. Since the shipping method at the cart could be anything, it will be up to you to determine which one offered there best matches the options made available to you by your printer.

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