DB Global Logistics - North America Integration

DB Global Logistics has integrations for North American and Australian fulfillment centers. Order Desk can connect to both DB Global Logistics integrations to send your orders for fulfillment. 

Note: Each DB Global Logistics integration needs its own connection and individual setup depending which location will be doing the fulfillment. Make sure you connect to one or both of the versions of DB Global Logistics you need. This guide covers only DB Global North America, as the Australian fulfillment center may have slightly different settings.


Integration Settings
Inventory Management Settings
Product Settings
Custom Order Details


To connect to DB Global Logistics, click on the Manage Integrations link in the left sidebar and under the Fulfillment tab find and enable the DB Global Logistics North America. If you need both activated, go through this process for each version of the integration. 

Alternatively, search for DB Global Logistics from the available integrations and choose the North America option.

In order to use this service, you'll need to request API access from DB Global North America support or from your warehouse provider. 

You don't have to enter your customer ID, but this field is required if you want to be able to submit cancelation requests from within Order Desk.

Integration Settings

After you have connected the integration, you can apply your preferences in the settings.

After Import, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into after they are successfully sent to your fulfillment provider through DB Global Logistics.

You can use one of the default folders already in your store or create your own. Read the Working with Folders guide for more information.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into as your fulfillment provider sends shipment details back to Order Desk from DB Global Logistics.

If Canceled, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into if they are canceled within DB Global Logistics.

Check For Shipments

Select how often you want Order Desk to check for shipment updates from DB Global Logistics.

Shipping Account #

Add the shipping account you want your provider to use. 

Automatically Send Imported orders to DB Global North America

If selected, every order that is added to Order Desk will automatically be sent to your fulfillment provider through DB Global Logistics. If you're not sending all of your orders, you can set up a rule to only send specific orders instead.

Inventory Management Settings

Order Desk can download your DB Global Logistics inventory and update the stock count in your Order Desk inventory. From there, this data can be updated at one or more shopping carts.

Sync 3PL Inventory

Enable this setting if you want to pull inventory counts back from your fulfillment provider.

For more information, see the How to Work with Inventory Counts guide.

Sync Interval

Choose how often you want Order Desk to pull in inventory updates from your fulfillment provider.

Inventory Location Name

If you want to set a specific inventory location name for the products being updated from DB Global Logistics, set that name here. As Order Desk pulls in inventory details, your custom name will be added as the location.

Product Settings

For more information on what these product settings in the DB Global Logistics integration are for and how to use them, read the Fulfillment Integration Product Settings guide.

Custom Order Details

To customize the shipping instructions that are sent to DB Global Logistics for a particular order, set checkout data on the order. If you aren't familiar with checkout data, refer to the How to Work with Checkout Data guide for more information.

The following checkout data or order metadata fields can be used:

Field Name Field Description
BillingCode Default is Sender. Set BillThirdParty or Recipient if necessary.
CancelDate Default is one year from current date. To change the default date, set a time in this format: +2weeks.
Carrier Overwrite the carrier set in the shipping class match settings.
Mode Overwrite the shipping mode (Service ID) from the shipping class match settings.
PONumber Set a custom PO Number. If not entered, the Order ID will be sent.
InvoiceNumber Set the invoice number for the order.
SCACCode Set the SCAC code for the order.
ShippingAccount Set the third party shipping account number to be used for the order.
ShippingAccountZip Set the zip code associated with the third party shipping account.
RetailerID Set the Retailer ID for the order.   
RetailerName Set the retailer name if necessary.
RequireDeliveryConfirmation Set to 1 if you'd like to receive delivery confirmation for your order.
RequireReturnReceipt Set to 1 if you require a return receipt for your order.
Insured Set to 1 if you'd like your order to be insured.
DeliveryConfirmationType Choose how you want the delivery for your order to be confirmed. Accepted values are delivery, signature, adult_signature, direct_signature and none. Please note that these values are case sensitive.
DryIceWeight Set the weight of dry ice.
InsuranceAmount Set the value of the insurance paid for the order.
InsuranceType Set the type of insurance that you want on the order. Accepted values are 106 for "Carrier" insurance and 107 for "Third-party" insurance.
InternationalContentsType Set the kind of goods that are in your international shipments. For example, you can choose documents, gift, merchandise, returned_goods, sample or none.
InternationalNonDelivery Choose how your international orders should be handled in case they are not delivered. The options available include treat_as_abandoned, return_to_sender, and none. Please note that these values are case sensitive.
IsResidential Set to 1 to for residential delivery .
SaturdayDelivery Set to 1 to for a Saturday delivery.

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