Dsco Supplier Integration

Order Desk can connect to your Dsco account and automatically download orders. 


Default Shipper Information
Advanced Settings
Manual Import
Sending Orders to Dsco Supplier


To begin, click on Manage Integrations from the left sidebar in Order Desk. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and click to enable Dsco Supplier.

Alternatively, search for Dsco Supplier from the available integration search.

Once enabled, enter your Dsco Supplier credentials to connect.

Please note that Order Desk isn’t able to help find or reset your credentials, as they can only be provided by Dsco.


Once connected, set your preferences.

Check for New Orders

Select how often you want Order Desk to look for and download new orders.

Folder for New Orders

Choose the folder where new orders should be placed as they come in from Dsco. You can use the default New folder, or create your own custom folder from your Store Settings.

If Canceled, Move To

Select the folder where orders will be moved to if they are canceled.

Order Import Status

Select which orders Order Desk should import from Dsco.

Imported Price Field

Select which item price field to import with your orders (if available).

Auto Acknowledge

If enabled, order acknowledgements will be sent to Dsco as orders import into Order Desk.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If enabled, shipment details will be passed back to the original order in Dsco as they are added to Order Desk.

Send Invoices

If enabled, invoices will be automatically sent to Dsco.

Sync Inventory Levels

If enabled, Order Desk will send your inventory quantities back to Dsco as they are updated in Order Desk. If you require your items' Partner SKU to be synced, this field will need to be present on your inventory items in Order Desk. For more information on inventory item fields, please see our How to Work with Inventory Details guide.

Order Prefix

If you need your order numbers to have a prefix on them when they are imported into Order Desk, set that prefix here.

Warehouse Code

Set your default warehouse code.

View Available Warehouses

Click this link to view your available warehouse names as well as their Warehouse Code, Dsco ID, and Supplier ID.

Default Shipper Information

Use to set your default shipper address information.

Advanced Settings

Discount Type

Select the type of discount for your orders. Options are: Basic, End of Month (EOM), Discount Not Applicable, Basic Discount Offered, or 10 EOM (10 days after end of month).

Net Number of Days Due

Use this field to set the Number of days until total invoice amount is due (discount not applicable).

Early Payment

Use this field to set the number of days in the terms discount period by which payment is due.

Early Payment Discount

If a discount is available for invoices that are paid before the due date, use this field to set the percentage.

Manual Import

If you would rather manually import orders, you can do so by clicking the Import Recent Orders button.

Sending Orders to Dsco Supplier

You can send custom details about an order to Dsco Supplier by entering the following checkout data fields. For more information about these options, please contact Dsco Supplier.

Field Name Field Description
SSCC Used to set the SSCC Barcode
ShipWeight Use to set shipping weight. Default unit is lbs.
PONumber Use to override the order number as the default PO Number.

If you are unfamiliar with checkout data, please read the How to Work with Checkout Data guide.

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