WooCommerce Integration

Order Desk can connect to your WooCommerce shopping cart and download your orders.


Manual Imports
Common Errors
Custom Settings


Order Desk requires WooCommerce 3.0 or above.

Before connecting the integration in Order Desk, you will first need to go into WordPress and make sure the Legacy API is enabled. To do this, in WooCommerce, click on Settings > Advanced > Legacy API.

In Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and enable WooCommerce.

Alternatively, search for WooCommerce from the available integration search.

You will get a link to authorize Order Desk to connect to your site. If this doesn’t work, you can create the authorization keys yourself and input them into Order Desk directly. All keys should be Read/Write. To create your API keys manually, in WooCommerce, click on  Settings > Advanced > REST API.

Troubleshooting Your Connection

If you are unable to connect Order Desk to your site, there are a few things to check:

  • First, make sure the URL you entered is consistent with the WordPress URL settings.
  • If it still isn't connecting, go back into your WordPress account and click on Settings > Permalinks in the WordPress admin. Loading this page will rebuild your permalinks and can fix a corrupted permalink problem.
  • Double check that you are using a permalink method like “Post Name” and not the default ("Plain") option. The WooCommerce REST API requires the use of pretty permalinks in order to be accessible.
  • If you have iThemes Security installed, make sure that the “Filter Suspicious Query String URLs” feature is disabled.

If you still aren't able to make the connection, please contact Order Desk support for assistance.


Once connected, set your preferences in the WooCommerce Settings.

Instant Download

Select Enabled if you want your WooCommerce orders to instantly come into Order Desk as they're placed. When you first connect to WooCommerce, if you enable this setting, Order Desk will pull in your orders from the previous seven days. To pull in older orders, use the manual import option.

If instant download is enabled but some of your orders aren't coming in, make sure to set up your backup check schedule.

Backup Check Schedule

The backup check schedule is a scheduled appointment to check WooCommerce for any new orders. If instant download is enabled, the backup check schedule will run in the background in case any orders were not downloaded when they were placed. This can happen if an order status is initially incomplete or not paid. The instant download will not be able to pull those orders in immediately, but the backup check will find them after the status is updated.

If instant download is disabled, the backup check schedule can be used to pull in orders on the schedule you select instead.

Folder for New Orders

When orders are first download from WooCommerce, they will be placed in the folder selected here.

For more information, see Working with Folders.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If enabled, shipment notices will be sent back to WooCommerce as tracking details are added to your orders in Order Desk.

This will write a customer note back to the order at WooCommerce when an order has been shipped. It will also tell WooCommerce to email an update to the customer if that setting is enabled in WooCommerce.

Because WooCommerce only accepts tracking details as a customer note, many WooCommerce merchants prefer to use Order Desk to notify customers of shipments.

Mark Order Completed

If enabled, the order status will be changed to completed in WooCommerce when the shipment is added to the order.

Sync Inventory

If enabled, Order Desk will update WooCommerce with your inventory counts if any changes are made your items in Order Desk.

For more information, see How to Work with Inventory Counts.

First Import Date

Any orders previous to the date set here will not import into Order Desk.

Country Filter

Use two digit country codes, separated by commas, to only import orders from specific countries. 

Add a - to exclude orders from specific countries.


US,CA,MX - only import orders for the United States, Canada and Mexico.
-US,-CA,-MX (or -US,CA,MX) - import all orders except for the United States, Canada and Mexico.

Inventory Location Filter

If you only want to download specific orders, you can use the Inventory Location Filter field to specify which ones you want. Enter multiple locations separated by a comma. 

The inventory location name must match exactly as it is on your inventory items in Order Desk. When importing new orders from WooCommerce, Order Desk will look at the SKUs on the items and compare to the SKUs in your inventory here. Any orders with items for a location that  isn't listed in this field will not be imported.

For this to work, your inventory must be added to Order Desk. The inventory Location should be set on each item. For details, please see How to Add Inventory and How to Store Extra Item Details.

Order Prefix

If you need to, you can add a prefix of your choice that will be added to all orders downloaded from WooCommerce.

Download Order Meta as Checkout Data

If selected, you can bring in your order meta details as checkout data fields

For more information on what checkout data is and how it can be used in Order Desk, see the How to Work with Checkout Data guide.

Download Extra Details About Products

Select this setting if you want to bring in extra product details with your WooCommerce orders.

Extra details include:
  • The product thumbnails, which will be displayed with the items in the order.
  • The regular price value, which will be stored as item metadata.
  • Product attributes, which will be saved as item variations.

If this option is selected, orders will take a little longer to import. This shouldn't be a concern for lower volume stores, but if you get high volume from WooCommerce or your orders have a large number of items in them, we recommend keeping this setting disabled unless you specifically need these details.

Use New API Version

If selected, Order Desk will use the latest version of WooCommerce’s API. When Use New API Version is enabled, we’ll automatically support the official WooCommerce plugin that adds multiple shipping addresses to a single order. The order will be split by shipping address, and the shipping cost, tax, discount and handling will also be split proportionately.

Enable Shipment Tracking Plugin Support

If you use the official Shipment Tracking Plugin with WooCommerce, enable this setting for Order Desk to communicate shipment info properly to your WooCommerce store.

Manual Imports

If you need to manually import orders or inventory items from WooCommerce, you can do this from the WooCommerce integration page.

Manually Import Orders

Order Desk can download 50 orders at a time from the date you set here. You may need to click to import orders a few times if you have a large volume of orders from the date chosen.

Manually Import Inventory Items

If you need to pull your WooCommerce inventory into Order Desk, click the Import Inventory Items Now button.

For more information on Order Desk inventory, see the How to Work with Inventory Details guide.

Common Errors

When setting up and importing orders from WooCommerce, you may come across some errors that can be vague and hard to understand. For a list the most common WooCommerce errors and how to resolve them, please see the WooCommerce section of the Common Errors guide.

Custom Settings

GoDaddy Firewall

If you use GoDaddy, you might encounter some problems updating your WooCommerce inventory. GoDaddy's firewall blocks certain required Order Desk calls, so we have built in a special feature to address this. We can apply this fix to your store, so please contact Order Desk support if you suspect you are having this problem.

Import Single Status

By default, Order Desk downloads all orders and then filters out anything that is unpaid, canceled or voided. If you need the ability to only import a certain order status, let Order Desk support know and we can apply this custom setting to your store.

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