Endicia Integration

Order Desk has the ability to interface directly with your Endicia label-printing software.


Advanced PC Settings
Shipping Class Match
Customize Package Types
Using With Your PC

Connect Integration

To enable the integration, click on  Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Shipping tab, find and enable the Endicia integration.

Alternatively, search for Endicia in the available search bar.

Once enabled, you'll be taken directly to the integration's setup page.



Start by selecting between PC and Mac for your Endicia integration. There are some features which only apply to the PC software (see Advanced PC Settings).


Select from either a Live or Testing environment for your integration.

Hidden Pricing

Select if you'll be hiding the price of each of your items.


Select to set Endicia Insurance on your labels.

Delivery Confirmation

Select to enable or disable confirmation of delivery.

Include Customs Details

Choose between adding custom details only when required, or always including details for customs.

Default Mail Class

Select the default mail classes you want Endicia to use for your orders. The shipping method chosen here will be used for all orders where the method on the order does not match any of Endicia's shipping method names.

Default Package Type

Select the default package type you want your label sizes to print for. This can be changed for specific orders by customizing the package type.

Cut-off Time

Set to define what time you stop dispatching orders every day.

Customs Signer Name

Enter the name of the person who is certifying that the information provided on the customs form is accurate. Use a name of the person in your organization who is responsible for this.

Customs HTS Number

Enter your Harmonized Tariff Schedule code here. This is a 6 to 10 digit code that identifies an import product to U.S. Customs.

Advanced PC Settings

If you're using a PC you'll have the option to add some advanced settings to your integration.

Output File Directory

The output file directory should be a directory on your computer that is not the same as your auto-listen directory.

Layout File

Full path to the layout file...


Choose whether or not to be prompted.

Abort on Error

Stop running labels immediately if any error occurs.

Auto Close

Automatically close on completion.

Skip Unverified

Skip any unverified addresses.

Start Option

Select which option to begin when starting. DAZ, Printing, or no action.

Using With Your PC

Open each order you want to print. Confirm the price and weight in the “Print Endicia Labels” section and click the Prepare button. All the order data will be sent directly to Endicia where you can confirm your address and print your label.

You can also do this in batch by creating XML and submitting it (like the PC method below) but the labels will automatically print without a chance to confirm or change anything.

Shipping Class Match

For information on how to set up your shipping preferences, please read the shipping class match guide.

Using With Your PC

Select a number of orders from the order list page and click the “Endicia” button. (You can also click this button from an order detail page.) Order Desk will compile the necessary XML and prompt you to save a file to your computer. You can either save the file on your desktop or to Endicia’s watch folder for automatic ingestion. 

If you want to manually import the file, switch to Endicia, click File > Print From > External File, and select your saved XML file. Your order packages will be automatically imported into Endicia for confirmation and printing.

Customize Package Types

If you would like to customize the type of package based on something in your order, you can add checkout data on the order with a rule. Field name must be set with ENDICIA_PACKAGE_TYPE and one of the values in the Available Field Values table below. For example:

Available Field Values:


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