Salesforce Integration

If you have an account with Salesforce, use Order Desk to automatically import orders through the SalesForce integration.


Manually Import Orders
Order Shipment Details
Advanced Settings


To begin, click on Manage Integrations from the left sidebar in Order Desk. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and click to enable Salesforce.

Alternatively, search for Salesforce from the available integrations search.

Once enabled, you can click on Connect To Salesforce to connect your Order Desk store to your Salesforce account. 


Once connected, you will be able to access help guides and set your preferences in the Salesforce settings. 

Salesforce Help

Click Need Help Getting Started? for access to helpful resources for using Salesforce.

Check for New Orders

Select how often you want Order Desk to download orders from Salesforce.

Folder for New Orders

Choose the folder where new orders should be placed as they come in from Salesforce. You can use the default New folder or create your own custom folder from your Store Settings.

Default Order Object and Default Order Item Object

Select the Default Order Object source for your order and Default Order Item Object source for your order items. The visible options will be based on your available objects in Salesforce and can be accessed by clicking the gear icon.

Order Filter Field

Select the field you'd like to use as a filter for imported orders. Available options will change based on the Object Order Source you select in the Default Order Object dropdown.

Order Filter Value

Select the field value for the Order Filter Field.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If enabled, shipment details will be passed back to the original order in Salesforce as they are added to Order Desk.

Order Prefix

If you'd like to add a unique order prefix to the order numbers that come in from Salesforce, set that here.

Manually Import Orders

To manually import orders, enter the date from which the download should start and click the Import Orders button.

Order Shipment Details

Use this dropdown to select an Order Item Object source that you would like us to use as a field name for your shipment information. The options in the dropdown will change based on the Order Item Object source in your basic settings.

Advanced Settings

If you select Enable Advanced Settings under the Advanced Settings section, additional dropdown menus will appear to set custom order and order item mapping.

Rule Builder Object Creation

This menu enables you to select order objects and order item objects to be used within the Rule Builder.

Custom Order Fields

Use to map order fields from Salesforce to be imported with your orders as either metadata or checkout data.

Custom Order Item Fields

Use to map order item fields from Salesforce to be imported with your items as either item metadata or variations.

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