StoreAutomator Integration

Order Desk can connect to your StoreAutomator account and automatically download orders.


Basic Settings
Manual Imports


In Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and enable StoreAutomator.

Alternatively, search for StoreAutomator from the available integrations search. Enter your StoreAutomator credentials to enable the connection to Order Desk. 

Basic Settings

Check for New Orders

Select how often you want Order Desk to look for and download new orders from StoreAutomator.

Orders To Import

Choose the status of orders you want to import. 

Folder for New Orders

Choose the folder you want new orders to be added to.

If Canceled, Move To

Select the folder you want orders to be moved into if they are canceled at StoreAutomator.

For more information, see the Working with Folders guide.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If the Sync Tracking Numbers setting is enabled, Order Desk will send the shipment information back to StoreAutomator automatically and update the orders there.

Sync Inventory

Enable if you want Order Desk to sync your inventory counts back to StoreAutomator.

Manual Imports

If you need to manually download orders, select the time and date you want to start the import from, then click to import.

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