PrestaShop Integration

Order Desk can connect to your PrestaShop account and automatically download orders.


Manual Imports


In Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations under the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and enable PrestaShop.

To connect Order Desk to your PrestaShop account, enter your Site URL without the /api/ at the end, as this is added automatically by Order Desk. 

If your website is hosted in a separate directory than the root, add that to the Site Path field, otherwise leave this field blank.

You'll then need to generate your API Key in PrestaShop. When creating your API Key, you will need to make sure you have all of the following permissions enabled:

  • Orders
  • Addresses
  • States
  • Countries
  • Products
  • Suppliers
  • Stock_Availables

This helps Order Desk receive all the necessary information for your orders. Please note that the Order Desk team isn’t able to help find or reset these credentials, as they can only be provided by PrestaShop.


Check for New Orders

Select how often you want Order Desk to download orders from PrestaShop.

Folder for New Orders

Select the folder where newly imported orders from PrestaShop should be placed.

For more information, see the Working with Folders guide.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If you want Order Desk to notify PrestaShop when orders are fulfilled, enable the Sync Tracking Numbers setting. If tracking details are added to the order, it will be passed back immediately and the order will be marked as fulfilled in PrestaShop.

Sync Inventory

If you want Order Desk to sync your inventory availability back to PrestaShop enable the Sync Inventory setting. As inventory counts are updated here, Order Desk will pass those numbers back over to PrestaShop. In order to ensure proper tracking, the item metadata field prestashop_product_id must be added to your inventory items.

For more details on how to manage your Order Desk inventory, please check out our How To Work With Inventory Details guide.

Please note that this field is automatically set if you download your Prestashop items using inventory download in your integration settings.

Download State ID

Set the status IDs for the orders to be downloaded from PrestaShop. If this is left empty, all orders will import into Order Desk.

Shipped State ID

Set the status IDs to be added to orders when they are marked as shipped.

Order Prefix

If you'd like to add a unique order prefix to the order numbers that come in from PrestaShop, set that here.

Download Extra Product Details

Select this option to download Supplier ID and Supplier Name as extra line-item metadata with your order items.

Manual Imports

If you would rather manually import orders, you can do so by setting the earliest date for orders to import from and clicking the Import Orders button.

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