How to Print Thermal Labels

Printing labels on a label printer can be tricky because data needs to be sent in raw format instead of printing like a traditional printer. 

In order to facilitate reliable printing to your label printer, Order Desk uses a service called PrintNode which involves installing a small app on your computer. The label is sent to the PrintNode server which then pushes it to your computer and automatically prints the label from your label printer.

Get Started

If you are connecting a Mac, it’s important that you set up your computer for RAW printing. PrintNode offers a helpful guide for getting this setup. You should do this before installing the PrintNode application.

Enable the PrintNode integration from the Productivity tab on the integration page. Confirm your name and email and click the “Setup Account Now” button. We’ll provision your PrintNode account and assign you a password. On the next page, download the Windows or Mac OSX app and install. When prompted, paste the provided login details into the PrintNode app. After the app has connected to the service, click the “Connect Now” button within Order Desk, and we’ll display your available printers. Select your printer and you’ll be all set.

Within EasyPost, make sure to set your domestic label format to EPL2 so the prints will be created in the proper format. You may want to continue to print international shipments in PDF format for proper customs form handling.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact Order Desk for support.

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