How to Use the Tshirt & Sons Screen Printing Tool

Order Desk can submit screen printing orders to Tshirt & Sons using our special Screen Printing tool, found under the Custom Tools section.

About Screen Printing

Because the screens are expensive to make, these orders must be submitted in batches with at least 50 items per screen.

Preparing Your Campaign

Unlike regular DTG orders, you won't need to store metadata details for these inventory items. We'll prepare the items at the time of submission. It is important, however, to set SKU's for the items in your campaign. This way we can link them to the proper screens later on. Also be sure that your items have size variations as this is a requirement. We recommend having a color variation as well.

Put all the orders you wish to send in a custom folder. We'll use that folder when you are ready to submit all the orders at once.

We will use the default Return Address on the Tshirt & Sons settings page as the return address for all orders. In this case, the third address line will not be used.

The Submission Process

Preparing Your Submission

In Step 1, you'll enter the Job Reference Code which should be a short description of the job with no spaces. Dashes and underscores are okay. Enter a longer descriptive name of the job/campaign and select a target folder. This target folder is the folder that we'll use to get orders for the submission.

In Step 2, you'll need to setup the images for the screens to be printed. Enter a unique reference code for the design. If you are printing front and back on the same item, please use the same reference code for both front and back lines. Enter valid URLs for both print and preview files. These are both required fields. It's okay to use public Dropbox links. Select the location and color count for each line.

In Step 3, you'll link the product codes for the order items to the to screen reference code you used earlier. If you don't have a product SKU, just leave the product code field blank. The Print SKU field is for Tshirt & Sons' style code (mens, womens). The Default Color field will be used if there is no Color variation field on the order item. There must be a Size variation field or we will not process the order item. If you have different screens for different sizes, you can use the last column to enter the applicable sizes for this reference code. Separate sizes by comma. Leave this field blank if all your screens apply to all sizes.

Review Submission

The Review Submission step shows the prepared data that we are ready to send. It may look a little bit complicated, but this is the exact data that we will send. It's important that you review it and understand exactly what's being submitted.

If any orders had items that couldn't be applied to the order we will show this data to you so you can correct the order items and reload this step.

The first section shows some general information about the job. Then there's a section for each batch being submitted along with the applicable orders for this batch. If you have a single screen being printed, there will be one batch with artwork data and orders.

The last section shows the orders for each batch along with the items and quantities on which to print.

Complete Submission

If you'd like to make changes, press Go Back and Edit. Otherwise, press the Complete Order button and we will submit your batches to Tshirt & Sons. After submission, you'll need to contact their team directly and authorize the batch for printing.

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