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Prepare to Disable Legacy Integration
Create a Manual Store at ShipStation
Enable the New Integration
Disable Legacy Integration


In August 2017, we released a new ShipStation integration that is more reliable and provides more options than the legacy ShipStation integration did. This guide will go over how to phase out the legacy integration on your account and begin to use the new integration.

If you enabled ShipStation before August 2017, you should switch to the new integration at your earliest convenience. If you are unsure which integration you are using, look at the ShipStation logo on your Manage Integrations page or in the top right corner of the ShipStation integration settings page. The old integration will say Legacy:

Prepare to Disable Legacy Integration

Caution! If you have any unshipped orders that have already been sent to the legacy ShipStation integration, do not disable it yet. Follow these instructions to finish shipping orders that were sent to ShipStation through the legacy integration and begin using the new integration moving forward. Both integrations can be enabled at the same time so you can switch to the new integration without pausing your fulfillment. If you have completed all shipments for the old integration, you can safely disable the old integration in Order Desk but you should also disable it or turn off the auto-update in ShipStation as well. This guide will cover these steps.

Navigate to the legacy ShipStation settings page in Order Desk:

Set the Import Date Override time to 2020-01-01:

By putting in this future date, you will be preventing ShipStation from downloading any more orders, but it will allow you to keep the integration enabled until all of the orders already there have shipped and had their shipment details sent back to Order Desk.

Next, you'll need to login to your ShipStation account directly to prevent it from pulling orders from Order Desk automatically. Click on the Gear Icon in the upper right corner:

In the left sidebar, click on Selling Channels then Store Setup:

Find the store that is connected to Order Desk and click on Edit:

Make sure that the Allow this store to 'auto-update' periodically? setting is disabled to prevent ShipStation from pulling in any more orders from Order Desk:

Create a Manual Store at ShipStation

Now that the legacy integration will stop sending orders to ShipStation and ShipStation will stop pulling orders from Order Desk, you can set up a new manual store in ShipStation to connect to the new integration. While you're still in ShipStation, click on the green Connect a Store or Marketplace button:

Scroll through the options and find the ShipStation button or type ShipStation into the Search by Name field and click this ShipStation button:

Give your new manual store a unique name so it is easily identifiable, adjust the settings and click Connect:

On the next page, you will have a few more settings to choose from. On this new store, you can leave the Allow this store to 'auto-update' periodically? setting enabled. Then save your new store, which will now appear in your list of ShipStation stores:

Enable the New Integration

Now that you have a new manual store to connect to in ShipStation, you can enable the new integration. To do this, head back into Order Desk and click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar:

Click the Shipping tab and enable ShipStation. The ShipStation you see under the Shipping tab will be the new integration, as the legacy integration is no longer accessible from this tab:

You'll need to head back over to your ShipStation account to get your API Key and API Secret. To find these in ShipStation, click on the Gear Icon in the upper right corner, then in the left sidebar click on Account and then API Settings:

If you haven't already, click on the green Generate New API Keys button:

You will need to copy both the API Key and API Secret:

Bring each of these back into Order Desk, copy them into the ShipStation integration settings and click Connect:

You have now successfully connected to the new ShipStation integration and can begin to send your orders to ShipStation. For instructions on how to use the new integration, please continue on to our new ShipStation Settings and Features guide.

Disable the Legacy Integration

Once all orders that had already been sent to ShipStation through the legacy integration have been sent back to Order Desk, you can disable the integration. To do this, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar under the Integrations menu:

Click on Disable for the ShipStation Legacy integration:

Once disabled, you will not be able to re-enable this integration, so be certain all orders have been sent back to Order Desk first.

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