Legacy ShipStation - Setup

This guide is for the legacy ShipStation integration. For details about the new ShipStation integration, released in August 2017, please refer to this guide.

Order Desk lets you quickly and easily import your orders to ShipStation’s shipping management software. ShipStation provides label printing and advanced shipping capability. If you’d like to find out more about ShipStation, please click here (affiliate link).


Enable the ShipStation integration from the Order Desk Integrations page (it’s under the Shipping tab). Now login to your ShipStation account. Go to Settings, Selling Channels, and click the Connect a Store or Marketplace button. Select Custom Store and enter the details provided on the Order Desk setup screen where prompted (if you are using FoxyCart, search for FoxyCart instead and follow the prompts). When completed, you can perform an import and your existing orders will be pulled from Order Desk.

Click here for a complete walkthrough of the setup process.


ShipStation pulls orders from Order Desk, but if you need to have a specific order go to ShipStation you can temporarily set the import override time. After the order has been imported, remove this value so the box is blank.

If you only want ShipStation to pull orders from a specific folder, you can select that folder on this screen.

If you want ShipStation to move orders to a certain folder after they’ve been imported, you can select that folder. This allows you to have an instant visual on which orders have been sent to ShipStation.

If you want ShipStation to move orders to a certain folder after they’ve been shipped, you can select that folder as well.

In most cases you will want to push to ShipStation based on the date that the order was placed. But in some situations you may want to send updated orders to ShipStation. If you change the import method to “When Orders Updated”, orders will be selected based on the last time a change was made to them. Keep in mind that if you don’t change the import override time, ShipStation will request orders after the order date of the last order imported.

If you don’t want to include $0 items (for example FoxyCart subscription update orders) be sure to check the Skip checkbox.

Select a “Sent to ShipStation” folder and a “Shipment Sent” folder to have a clear view of any orders which haven’t yet been imported, those which are currently pending at ShipStation, and those which have been shipped.

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