Legacy ShipStation - Setting up a Custom Store

FYI: This is a guide for our legacy ShipStation integration, which is no longer available to install. For an up-to-date guide on how to connect to ShipStation, please go here.

In order to allow Order Desk to send orders to ShipStation, you'll need to set up a ShipStation Custom Store. This guide will walk you through that process.

If you have not yet enabled the ShipStation integration inside of Order Desk, click on Manage Integrations and enable ShipStation under the Shipping tab.

Now open up ShipStation in a new browser tab and login to your account. Click the Settings gear in the upper right corner of your ShipStation interface:

Then click Selling Channels

Click the green Connect a Store or Marketplace button

Enter the search text "custom" and select the Custom Store option. (If you are using FoxyCart, search for the FoxyCart option instead.)

Now switch back to your Order Desk browser tab and copy the Custom URL, Username, and Password from Order Desk and enter these details on the ShipStation Custom Store connection page. (If you are using FoxyCart, this information will look a little different -- just follow the instructions.)

When finished, click Connect

Now you can edit the new store settings in ShipStation. You can set a name like Order Desk. You may want to allow the store to auto-update periodically. Otherwise you'll need to manually sync the store to download orders to ShipStation from Order Desk. You should not change the Order Statuses Order Desk supports the default values). Please leave the default marketplace notification settings in place so that ShipStation can send shipment notices to Order Desk.

To check your new store and download any pending orders, please hold the mouse over the Update icon in the upper right corner and select your new marketplace.

Your new orders will appear in ShipStation. Congratulations, you are connected!

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