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Order Desk can pull in your eBay orders, process them and send them for fulfillment based on the settings you choose. As orders are fulfilled, the tracking details will be sent back to eBay and the order marked as complete.

This guide explains how to set up and use the eBay integration in Order Desk.


To connect to your eBay account, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Shopping Carts tab, look for and enable the eBay integration.

Once enabled, click the Connect To eBay button to complete the connection. You will be prompted to login to eBay from here.

Once logged in, click Agree to authorize Order Desk to have access to your eBay data.

Complete the authorization step at eBay and your account is connected.

eBay Re-Authorization

eBay connections expire after three years and will need to be re-authorized.

When your connection expires, you will receive an email from Order Desk and will see an Attention! Action Required message in your Order Desk account. You must sign into eBay again from Order Desk to renew the authorization and continue to download eBay orders into Order Desk.

Integration Settings

Once connected, set your preferences in the eBay settings.

eBay Site

Select the regional eBay site you need to connect to.

Check for New Orders

Select how often you want Order Desk to look for and import new eBay orders.

Order that are shipped, not completed, inactive, or where the merchant has received no money will be skipped.

Because eBay orders are often non-sequential, all orders that have been modified since the last check are scanned, however the non-sequential nature can result in skipped orders. To make sure all orders are imported, it is recommend you occasionally manually import orders from a previous date to find any that may have been skipped.

Financial Status

Choose if you want to pull in all of your eBay orders regardless of payment status, or only import orders that have been paid.

Folder for New Orders

Select the folder where newly imported orders from eBay should be placed.

For more information, see the Working with Folders guide.

Order Prefix

If you need your order numbers to have a prefix on them when they are imported into Order Desk, set that prefix here.

Order ID Format

Select the order number format that you would like used on your orders in Order Desk. 

  • Extended will display the format used in eBay's admin.
  • Standard will display the legacy format with the transaction and Item IDs. 
  • Selling Manager Pro format is much simpler and usually a four or five digit number.

Auto Feedback

Enable Auto Feedback if you want Order Desk to automatically provide positive feedback to your orders as shipments are added.

If enabled, set your feedback message in the field provided.

Sync Inventory

Enable if you want Order Desk to sync your inventory counts back to eBay.

Max Inventory Per Item

You can set the maximum inventory Order Desk will report back to eBay for your items here. If set, eBay will only display up to this number as in stock on any items that are stored in Order Desk.

Inventory Location Filter

If you only want to download specific orders, you can use the Inventory Location Filter field to specify which ones you want. Enter multiple locations separated by a comma.

The inventory location name must match exactly as it is on your inventory items in Order Desk. When importing new orders from eBay, Order Desk will look at the SKUs on the items and compare to the SKUs in your inventory here. Any orders with items for a location that isn't listed in this field will not be imported.

For this to work, your inventory must be added to Order Desk. The inventory Location should be set on each item. For details, please see How to Add Inventory and How to Store Extra Item Details.

Download Shipped Orders

To download past orders for archival purposes, select Download Shipped Orders.

Manual Imports

If you need to manually import orders or inventory items from eBay, you can do this from the eBay integration page.

Manually Import Orders

Order Desk can download orders from the date you set here. You may need to click to import orders a few times as each import happens if you have a large volume of orders from the date chosen.

Manually Import Inventory Items

If you need to pull your eBay inventory into Order Desk, click the Import Inventory Items From eBay button.

Only eBay items that have a SKU will be downloaded.

For more information on Order Desk inventory, see the How to Work with Inventory Details guide.


Multi-leg international shipping is fully supported with Order Desk.

If you are shipping to an eBay distribution center with a reference number, the reference number will be placed in the company name field on the shipping address when the order is imported into Order Desk.

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