Weebly Integration

If you have an online store with Weebly, use Order Desk to automatically import orders through the Weebly integration.


Manual Import
Download All Orders


To begin, click on Manage Integrations from the left sidebar in Order Desk. Under the Shopping Carts tab, find and click to enable Weebly.

Alternatively, search for Weebly from the available integration search.

After you have enabled the Weebly integration in Order Desk, head into your Weebly account. Find the Order Desk app in the apps section. Enable the app and connect to your account.


Once connected, set your preferences in the Weebly settings.

Instant Download

If properly connected, orders should download instantly from Weebly as they are placed.

Initially, the most recent 25 orders (skipping canceled orders) will be downloaded. If an order is canceled after it has been downloaded into Order Desk, the status change will not be passed through to the order here in Order Desk.

Folder for New Orders

Choose the folder where new orders should be placed as they come in from Weebly. You can use the default New folder, or create your own custom folder from your Store Settings.

Order Prefix

If you would like to set a prefix on all orders brought into Order Desk from Weebly, set that here.

Backup Check Schedule

The backup check schedule lets you set an appointment for Order Desk to regularly check Weebly for any orders that may have been missed during the instant download. Choose the frequency you want the appointment to run from the dropdown.

Sync Tracking Numbers

If enabled, shipment details will be passed back to the original order in Weebly as they are added to Order Desk.

Download Extra Item Details

Order Desk can pull in extra details about your Weebly items, such as the thumbnail image, if this is selected.

Please note that enabling this can cause a small delay with importing orders instantly.

Manual Import

If you would rather manually import orders, you can do so by clicking the Import Last 25 Orders button.

Download All Orders

If you need to download all of your historical orders, please contact Order Desk support.

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