Stripe Integration

Use the Stripe integration to refund or capture your payments.


It’s easy to get started with the Stripe integration. Just click the Connect button and log in to your Stripe account, giving Order Desk access to your account. You can also enter your Live Secret API key directly if you have that handy.

Refer to the Refunding and Capturing Payments article to read more about Order Desk’s payment processing capabilities.

Balance Details

The Order Desk integration will show you a Detail Bar on the integration page and the dashboard with your pending balance and the last four bank transfers. If you don’t want to see these details on your dashboard, you can disable this feature on the Stripe setup page.

Bank Transfer

If you want to hold money in your account and transfer it into your checking account a few times a month, you can use Order Desk to see the available balance and initiate transfers to your account. If you have funds available you will see those funds and have the option to move them.

Importing Orders

If you’ve enabled the Stripe Order Import feature, you’ll be able to import your Stripe charges into Order Desk (note that these are charges, not orders). To automate the imports be sure to create a webhook at Stripe so that Stripe can notify Order Desk about new orders to import.

If you'd like to set some specific data about the incoming order, you can set the metadata of the charge with the values name, price, and quantity. You can also set sku, shipping, and tax if you like. Price, shipping, and tax should all be set with two decimal places (for $150, enter 1.50 rather than 150).

If you don't set these values, we will use the charge description as the name of the product.

Webhook Setup Instructions

Browse to your Stripe account settings and click on the webhooks tab. Add a new endpoint. Enter the URL that you are given on the Stripe setup page within Order Desk.

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