How to Refund and Capture Payments

The payment gateway integrations for Order Desk allow you to refund payments right from Order Desk. The integrations do this by passing the original payment details on to your payment gateway with a refund request. Some gateways support void requests and others support capturing payments from a previous authorization. Please refer to your specific integration docs for more details.

Issuing A Full or Partial Refund

If the transaction processing code matches your gateway, you’ll see a payment processing box under the order totals. The default amount shows the balance that is available for refunding at the processor. Enter the amount you want to refund (partial refunds are okay) and press Refund. If you only process a partial refund you can come back and do more later until the entire transaction has been refunded.

Voiding a Transaction

Some gateways support voiding a transaction. This takes place before a transaction has been settled and means that it won’t show up at all on the customer’s credit card statement so if a full refund is desired, this is generally the preferred method. You can always try voiding a transaction first and if that fails you can run a regular transaction. The void button gets automatically removed three days after the purchase. Most processors only accept full voids.

Capturing a Previously Authorized Transaction

If your original transaction was just an authorization, you can capture that authorization (or part of the authorization). You can’t capture more than was originally authorized. If your transactions will be coming in as authorizations and not captures, please set up your integration settings to expect this.

Setting Payment Details Manually

If you need to change the payment status manually this can be done by editing the order details and setting the payment status. More details are available by selecting the “Additional Details” link at the bottom of the window.

Rule Events

There are rule events that you can target for partial refund, full refund, payment capture, and void.

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