How To Send Orders To BigCommerce

Some merchants may need to send orders from other carts to BigCommerce for fulfillment through the BigCommerce app. This guide will show you how to set up a rule to do this and then how to get the shipment info back to Order Desk and back to the customer.


Sending Orders to BigCommerce
Checkout Data Features
Getting Shipments from BigCommerce

Sending Orders to BigCommerce

To send orders to BigCommerce, create a rule that tells Order Desk which orders you want sent.

From the Rule Builder, select the Order Rule rule type:

Select the event that will trigger the rule to run. Most merchants will choose Order is Imported.

Next set the filters that will tell Order Desk which orders should go to BigCommerce (for example, all Amazon orders), and select the Submit Order to BigCommerce action:

This is just one example of a rule that can be made. 

Depending on where your orders are coming from and which orders (if not all of them) need to be submitted to BigCommerce, you will need to create the necessary filter(s) for this rule to work properly. For more information on the Order Desk Rule Builder, read the How to Work with Rules guide.

Checkout Data Features

Checkout Data is a field in each order in Order Desk that gives you a place to store custom data about your order. We have a few special features that can be added as checkout data to your orders to pass information through to BigCommerce.

Checkout Data can be set manually on each order:

Or it can be set automatically with a rule using the Set Checkout Data Value action.

The following checkout data or order metadata fields can be used to pass information through to BigCommerce:

BigCommerceNoPrices When set to 1, Order Desk won't pass order prices to BigCommerce.
BigCommerceOrderStatus Order Status at BigCommerce. Default is Awaiting Shipment.
BigCommerceCustomerID Customer ID.
StaffNotes Use this field to pass internal staff notes.
CustomerMessage Use this field to pass a message to the customer.
BigCommerceChannelID Use to pass BigCommerce channel ID.

The following fields can be set as variations or item metadata for each item in an order:

BigCommerceProductID Use to pass the BigCommerce Product ID for your items.

Getting Shipments from BigCommerce

Once an order is fulfilled in BigCommerce, you can pull the shipment info back into Order Desk. To make sure this info is synced back to the order, go into your BigCommerce integration settings and enable the Download BigCommerce Shipments setting.

With this setting enabled, orders that have been sent to BigCommerce will be marked as closed and tracking info added as that information is updated in BigCommerce.

Check the shopping cart integration where the orders came from (not BigCommerce) for a Sync Tracking Numbers setting, and enable it to pass the shipment info back through to the cart.

Alternatively, you can set up an email template to send a shipment notification to your customers directly from Order Desk. For instructions on how to do this, read the Sending Tracking Details to Customers guide.

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