Slack Integration

Order Desk can integrate with Slack to send messages from the Order Desk app to your channels. Using the Rule Builder, you can specify what information you would like shared with which channel, along with the conditions and actions that will trigger it.

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Using the Rule Builder


To enable Slack in your Order Desk store, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Productivity tab, find and enable Slack.

Alternatively, search for Slack from the available integration search.

Click the green Connect to Slack button, and follow the prompts to add to Order Desk to your Slack account.

Using the Rule Builder

If you're not familiar with the Rule Builder, we recommend checking out our quick start guide first to go over the basics.

Once Slack has been successfully connected in your integration settings, your Rule Builder will be updated with two new actions. 

Send Notification to User on Slack will allow you to select which user you would like to notify with the rule, along with what message you would like to send them.

Similarly, with  Send Notification to Channel on Slack you can select which channel you'd like to send a notification to.

The Message field for both actions can be customized to say whatever you'd like. This field supports twig to add individual variables from your orders to the message, along with the option to mention a specific user by formatting their Slack name as @name or a specific channel using !channel.

In order to use @name to mention a specific user, the name must be the user ID, not the display name.

You can view a complete list of order details that you can use as variables here

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