Borderless360 Integration

Order Desk can send your orders to Borderless360 and then pull shipment details back once they are fulfilled, sending them to your shopping carts, if applicable.


Inventory Management
Product Settings


To enable the integration, click on the Manage Integrations link in the Integrations menu in the left sidebar. Under the Fulfillment tab, find and enable Borderless360. 

Alternatively, search for Borderless360 from the available integrations search.

To enable Borderless360 integration, copy and paste your custom generated URL into your Borderless360 portal, add your Borderless360 API token, enter your Source Integration and click connect.

Please note that Order Desk isn’t able to help find or reset your credentials, as they can only be provided through Borderless360.


After Import, Move To

Select the folder orders should be moved to after they are sent to Borderless360 from Order Desk. Typically this is set to Prepared, but any custom folder can be used.

After Shipment, Move To

Select the folder orders should be moved to when Borderless360 sends tracking details back to Order Desk.

Shipment Webhook URL

If you skipped this step when connecting the integration, add this webhook URL to your Borderless360 account. This is necessary for Borderless360 to be able to send shipment notifications back into your orders in Order Desk.

Automatically Send Imported Orders to Borderless360

If you plan to automatically submit every order to Borderless360 for fulfillment, you can enable this setting. All orders will be sent as they come in to Order Desk.

If you have any other fulfillment services or will have any orders you don't want to send to Borderless360, keep this disabled. Use rules to submit orders to the appropriate vendor or fulfillment service instead.

Inventory Management

Sync Inventory

If you would like Borderless360 to send inventory reports to Order Desk, enable this setting. If enabled, your stock counts will be pulled into Order Desk on the interval selected in the next setting.

Sync Update Interval

If Sync Inventory is enabled, select the interval you would like Order Desk to pull in inventory updates from Borderless360.

Inventory Location Source

Use to set which Warehouse you would like Order Desk to use for inventory sync.

Inventory Location Name

If you want to set a specific inventory location name for the products you have at Borderless360, set that name here. As Borderless360 sends back reports, your custom name will be added as the location.

Product Settings

For more information on what these product settings in the Borderless360 integration are for and how to use them, read the Fulfillment Integration Product Settings guide.

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