Print on Demand Video Series: Introduction to Order Desk

This video series will provide you with an overview on how to set up Print on Demand fulfillment with Order Desk. Through this video series you'll learn how Order Desk facilitates the Print on Demand process for merchants, how to connect your integrations to your Order Desk store, the importance of inventory, and more. 

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I'm an artist who wants to print and sell my designs. How do I get started?

First, start with our Getting Started for Artists guide. This guide will give you a simple walkthrough of how you can use Order Desk to automate the print on demand process, including setting up your inventory, connecting integrations and shipping options. Next, use the Print on Demand Providers list to find your perfect printer.

How do I connect to the ecommerce services I use?

Order Desk provides integrations with over 200 Print on Demand services. Find your provider and it's associated integration guide to get your printers connected to Order Desk and ready to process orders.

I don't see the printer I use in your list of integrations. What should I do?

If you use a print on demand provider that is not integrated, visit this page to submit it as an integration request. Our team will look it over and follow up to let you know if that's a service we'll be able to support.

I don't know the credentials I need to connect my integration. Can you help me?

We typically can't help with integration credentials, because their source is the application you're connecting to as opposed to Order Desk itself. If you're missing credentials or they aren't being authorized, check in with the company you're trying to connect to and either reset the credentials or find out where they are located in their respective applications.

Can someone at Order Desk set up my store for me?

Since Order Desk is a "do it yourself" platform, there isn't anyone on our team would be able to to set up your store on your behalf. Additionally, since everyone's needs are different, we wouldn't be able to know what you would need in your set up that someone else might not. But while setting up your Order Desk store is something you'll need to do, you aren't alone! Our support team is here to answer any questions you have along the way!

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