How to Sync Inventory Between Order Desk Stores

If you have more than one Order Desk store on your account, you can push your products from one store to another and keep the details and quantities synced between them.

If you are unfamiliar with managing multiple stores on your Order Desk account, please first see this guide for more information.

For more information on managing inventory in a single Order Desk store, see the How to Work with Inventory Details and How to Work with Inventory Quantities guides.


How Inventory is Synced
How to Enable Sync on Your Stores

How Inventory is Synced

Each Order Desk store can be set up to manage its own inventory, independent of your other Order Desk stores. 

In some cases, you may need inventory to stay synced across Order Desk stores, for instance, if you have multiple shopping carts or marketplaces that need to know the quantity in stock for the same items. Rather than updating each store manually with this information, you can tell Order Desk to push the products and their quantities from one store to another.

If enabled, whenever inventory items from the main store that do not exist in the selected store(s) are added, they will also be added to the other stores selected. Updates made to the inventory will be pushed to the selected store(s), and the quantity from the main store will override the quantity from the selected store(s) if different. These updates will happen automatically whenever changes are made to the inventory in the main store.

How to Enable Sync on Your Stores

To enable this setting, click on Store Settings from the left sidebar under the Settings menu and select the Keep Inventory Synced with Other Stores option.

Once selected, you can choose which stores you want inventory synced to:

Once enabled, this will work on all inventory updates moving forward, however, if you need to push all of your inventory from one store to another to make sure they're in sync, you can do so by going to the Inventory Items page in your main store:

And at the bottom of the page, selecting the store you want to send all of the inventory to:


If the same field is on an item in two or more stores but the values are different for that field, the item in the selected store(s) will be updated with the value from the main store.

If you have added users to your stores, but they do not have access to some of the stores selected from the main store, they can unintentionally override this setting by visiting the Store Settings page and saving the settings. Users must have access to all selected stores to be able to work in the Store Settings page.

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