How to Send Order Details to Trello

Order Desk can send emails to Trello to create cards with your order details in your Trello boards.


Find Your Trello Email Address
Create Order Desk Email Template

Find Your Trello Email Address

To send order information from Order Desk to Trello, you will need to get your Trello board email address.

In Trello, open the board you want order information sent to and click Show Menu in the top right:

From the menu, click Email-to-board Settings:

The email address is at the top of the menu under Add Cards via Email:

Keep this email address handy.

From this menu, you can also select the list and position the card will be added to in Trello:

Create Order Desk Email Template

In Order Desk, you will need to create an email template with all the information you want sent to Trello. If you aren't familiar with using email templates in Order Desk, please read the How to Work with Email Templates guide before continuing.

Once you have your email template created and, if necessary, a rule set up to send the email automatically, you can set the Trello board email address in one of two places. 

The first option is to set it directly in the  Email Delivery Override setting in the email template:

Or, if you are using the  Send Email With Template action in the Rule Builder, you can set the email address directly in the rule action:

Once added to one of these two places, any time this email is sent, a copy of the email will be added to a newly created card in Trello, including all of the order details that the email template displays. If you need to change the information sent to Trello, update the email template with the necessary changes.

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