How to Use Custom Buttons

Custom buttons can be created to run a rule when the button is clicked for an order or a group of orders.

If you aren't familiar with the Rule Builder yet, take a few minutes to read through this guide.


Create Button
Create Rule
Create Dropdown
Delete Button

Create Button

Custom buttons are created in the Event tab of the Rule Builder.

When creating a custom button, give it a name that will be easy to understand later when working on your orders.

Once created, the button will appear in your folders:

and on the order details page:

Create Rule

To set up a rule to run on the click of your custom button, first make sure the button you created is selected for the Event.

Add filters, if necessary, and choose the action(s) you want to have happen to an order when the button is clicked.

Name and save the rule.

When creating a custom button, you will have the option to create a dropdown out of multiple rules attached to the button. 

To set this up, select This button will be a dropdown to select from any attached rule:

Once created, you can add as many rules to the button as you need:

Each rule's action will act as a separate option in a dropdown that appears when you click the button:

Delete Button

You can delete custom buttons from the Event tab in the Rule Builder.

After clicking Delete a Button, you can click the x next to any button you want to delete.

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