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Upload Files to Order Desk


You can upload files to Dropbox right from within Order Desk.

With the Dropbox integration, upload a file that you want attached to an order or to an item in an order, and Order Desk will send the file to Dropbox for you and place the shareable link for the file in your order.

This guide covers the integration setup, settings and how to upload files to Order Desk.

Integration Setup

To enable Dropbox in your Order Desk store, click on Manage Integrations in the left sidebar. Under the Productivity tab, find and enable Dropbox:

Click the green Connect to Dropbox button and follow the prompts from Dropbox to link Order Desk to your Dropbox account:


Once connected, set your preferences.

Upload Path

Upload Path is the folder in Dropbox where files will be stored when sent from Order Desk.

Name this folder anything you want, but it might make sense to call it Order Desk Files, or something that will let you know in Dropbox that the files in that folder were sent from Order Desk.

Checkout Data Field

Set the name of the checkout data field you want any links to Dropbox files to be called. If you upload a file to the checkout data field, it will take the name that you set here:

This can be changed manually in the order before uploading a file if you need to use a different checkout data field name than your default set here.

Item Metadata Field

Set the name of the item metadata field you want your Dropbox file link to be called.

If you are adding a thumbnail or other image of your product, set it to "image". If you have a print on demand store and need to add your print_url's this way, keep it set it to "print_url". Otherwise, this field can be named whatever you want to name it.

When you upload a file to the item metadata field, it will take the name set here:

This can be changed manually in the order before uploading a file.

Default Selection

Choose if you want your Dropbox links to be added to checkout data or item metadata. This will set the default in the Dropbox widget on the order page, but you will be able to change it on an order by order basis. 

Select the type of link that should be created for your files. 

Select Preview Page so links will open directly in Dropbox as a preview page, which includes the option to leave comments on the page.
Select Skip Preview Page so links will open the file directly in the browser window.
Select Direct Download which will force the image to download to the browser when the link is clicked.

For more information on the link types and why you may want to choose one over another, see this guide. If you are setting up your Dropbox files as links to be sent to print integrations through Order Desk, they will automatically be formatted as Direct Download when sent to the printer regardless of the setting selected here.

Upload Files to Order Desk

After you've set your integration preferences, you can begin to upload files to Dropbox directly through Order Desk. To do this, open an order and look under the order totals section for the Dropbox integration:

To upload a file, click Choose File and select the file you want to add to your order.

If you want to add the file to the order checkout data, leave it set to Checkout Data, but if you want add it to item metadata, click the dropdown and select the item in the order you want the file added to:

For item metadata, an order with one item will only have the one item name, but an order with multiple items will let you choose which item to add the file to:

Your default checkout data or item metadata field name will be added, but if you want to name it something different for the order you're uploading to, edit it here:

Click Upload and your file will be sent to Dropbox, and a shareable link will be created and saved to your order either as checkout data or item metadata.

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